Arnat, Private Company

  • Address:
    2 Chervonoshkilna nab., office 714, c. Kharkiv, 61050, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 719-18-57
General Director - Oleksandr Artyomov
Production Manager - Dmyitro M. Zhartovskyi

Engineers of the "ARNAT" company in accordance with the technical specifications of the “UKRNAFTA” joint-stock company design and manufacture mass flow meters designated to measure mass flow rates of gases, liquids and their mixtures in the pipelines of various diameters. These flow meters can be used as central inspecting gauges being integrated with local or distributed networks of control systems for:
- power consumption management;
- natural resources saving;
- technological processes monitoring;
- prevention of industrial emergencies

These flowmeters feature optimal combination of performance capabilities proving advantages of these gauges:
1. dynamical flow rate range: 1 : 1200;
2. gross error less then: 1%;
3. speed of response: 0,5 sec;
4. maximal pressure in pipeline: 332 Bar;

Arnat’s flow meters can be easily installed and operated. These devices can be used to control and measure transitionary and non-stationary streams with peak flow rates.

High quality and durability of mass flowmeters MR-01 allow to enhance the performance of any industrial company.

1. Commercial accounting of substances being in liquid, gaseous or granular states that discharge through pipelines and shuts.
2. Controlling the waste of substances and preventing unauthorized oil withdrawal from pipelines.
3. The crude oil and natural gas production control.
4. The production oil well stock evaluating at run-time.
5. Pumps and compressors performance revealing.
6. Integrating into Automatic Control Systems of technological processes.
7. Control and commercial accounting of gas-compressor stations at the automotive service centers.

1. Any liquid or gaseous (including corrosive) media can be used.
2. Easy installation and operation.
3. Clogs in pipelines and primary converter practically have no effect on the measurement accuracy.
4. Primary converter can be installed anywhere along the pipeline.
5. The same gauge can be used simultaneously for Automatic Control System of technological process and commercial accounting purposes.
6. They practically have no limits for maximum and minimum rates to be measured.
7. Low operating costs compared to the rest of its counterparts. High performance.

The flowmeter set includes:
1. primary converter;
2. secondary converter;
3. cable to connect the primary and the secondary converters;
4. personal computer (PC) or monitoring and recording devices;
5. cable to connect the PC and the secondary converters;


Optionally the primary converter can be installed together with the main device. The primary converter is installed at the shuts or pipelines of various cross-section forms. ISO-metric thread boss (M20*1.5; M27*2) designated for standard temperature gauge transmitters fits well as a place for the primary converter installation. Receiving data from the primary converter, you get the information about medium temperature in the pipeline and therefore you need no additional temperature gauge.

MR-01 is mounted as plug-&-play device and does not need additional tuning. ARNAT's engineers are ready to install and launch MR-01, prepare and train your personnel to work with the flowmeter.

- The narrowing and moving parts are absent in the flow unlike turbine and orifice plate flowmeters.
- The span of pipeline remains stable.
- They do not require the installation of non-metallic sections of pipeline at the places of primary converter installation.

Scarce aero- and hydrodynamic drag allows to avoid abundant pressure and energy dissipation unlike that of turbine flowmeters.

Engineers of Arnat inspected a compressor of a Ukrainian chemical company within the framework of the “TACIS” program. As a result of the inspection it was determined that the compressor had been in operation for 20 years. Power consumption of the compressor was reduced from 2,3 MW to 700 kW thanks to the MR-01 and large amount of money was saved.

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