UkrKomunNDIprogres, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    5 Vosstania per., c. Kharkiv, 61050, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 758-52-61, 758-52-71, 758-52-89, 758-52-97
Director - S. Abramovych

The Research Institute "UkrkomunNDIprogres" came into being in 1967, when, by order to that effect issued by the Minister of Housing and Communal Facilities of Ukraine, the Experimental Design and Research Work Department was created in the Design Institute "Ukrdiprokomunbud", which afterwards was transformed into a scientific division of the Research Institute "UkrkomunNDIproject" and, in 1991, in a separate institute.

During 30 years of work, the Institute has performed scientific developments on the optimization of water distribution in water supply networks; determination of gas contamination of sewerage systems and their deodorization; optimization of processes of waste water treatment and sludge processing; development of facilities intended for improving drinking water quality, municipal refuse processing and disinfecting, etc. The results of the above developments have been introduced in most cities of Ukraine, as well as in Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg Minsk, Tbilisi, Sochi, Cherkessk, and other CIS cities.

The scientific developments of the Institute have received the USSR Cabinet of Ministers' Prize, 37 medals, Honorary Diplomas and various degree diplomas of the Exhibitions of National Economy Achievements of the USSR and UkrSSR. The Institute's specialists have got 120 author's certificates and patents, have published hundreds of scientific works.

Water Supply Network and Process Automation Laboratory
- the main lines of work:
- the working-out of standard (regulatory) documents, which prescribe water-supply network organizational management;
- the working-out of standard (regulatory) documents for and recommendations on water-supply network operation under emergency situations;
- full-scale study of major city water-supply networks and working-out of specific recommendations on improving their reliability and efficiency and intensifying their operation;
- the development of facilities and systems of recording and monitoring water consumption by consumers, as well as network flow distribution control facilities; and
- the preparations of proposals under both State and Regional Programs of branch development, energy conservation and resource saving.

Drinking Water and Sludge Treatment and Purification Laboratory
The main lines of work:
- the increase of operation efficiency of existing water treatment works;
- the development of methods of underground and surface water treatment for the purposes of drinking and industrial water supply;
- the development of zero-discharge methods of operation of drinking water treatment plants;
- the working-out of recommendations on methods of mechanical dewatering of the sludge of water preparation and water purification systems for the purposes of planning/design;
- the performance of water-supply treatment works certification in accordance with the procedures approved by the Ukrainian State Committee for Construction;
- express determination of chlorine-organic content in water and optimization of water chlorination methods;
- the intensification of purification processes at water treatment works; and
- provision of engineering services to water treatment complexes.

Water Disposal Laboratory
The main lines of work:
- the diagnostics of municipal sewer conditions;
- the sewerage facility operation setup and certification;
- the intensification of operation of sewerage systems and treatment works; and
- the working-out of standard and technical documentation for a water disposal system.

Secondary Resource Recovery Laboratory
The main lines of work:
- the dewatering and treatment of municipal wastewater sludge and water pumping-and-treatment plant sludge and utilization thereof in various industries of the national economy;
- the production of manure gas of anaerobic digesters and using the same as a non-traditional renewable power resource;
- the study of generation volume and morphological composition of hard domestic waste, development of the state-of-the-art methods of their collection, disposal, recovery, rendering harmless, burial (dumping), and treatment;
- the working-out of standard and technical documentation in the above fields;
- the working-out of measures in order to improve environmentally harmful conditions of dumpings and landfills with rendering filtrate harmless and recovering mature gas; and
- the development of methods of treating and deodorizing gas emissions from sewer shafts.

Public Utilities Economics Laboratory
The main lines of work:
- the improvement of the pricing system and pricing policy;
- feasibility studies and economic motivation as regards power conservation;
- the working-out of social standards of consumption of services provided by water public utilities; of leak rates; and nonproductive water loss rates;
- economic and legal transformations in the sphere of the social infrastructure;
- the development of power consumption rates per unit of production for water supply and disposal businesses;
- the preparation of investment projects and proposals; and
- the search for and feasibility studies in respect of non-traditional sources of financing communal facilities.

Design and Processing Office
The main lines of work:
- the development of methods of treating water and sludge based on laboratory researches of:
- methods of treating drinking water and sludge; and
- methods of anaerobic digester manure gas recovery;
- the development of modular sewer units;
- the working-out of type designs; and
- the development of experimental biological treatment works.

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