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Khmelnytsklegprom, Closed Joint Stock Company

  • Address:
    28 S. Bandery str., c. Khmelnytsky, 29019, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0382) 71-02-99, (067) 382-31-61, (098) 480-69-80
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Chairman of the Board: Mr. Volodymyr Kulakov, titled Honored Industrialist of Ukraine, Laureate of the International Prize Golden Mercury, Companion of the golden medal For Effective Management, Actual Member of East Ukrainian Academy of Business, Member of the supervisory committee Ukrainian Club of Leaders in Quality. Person of the year 1998 in the nomination Businessman, Person of the year 1999 in the nomination Industrialist.

KHMELNYTSKLEGPROM, JSC is a company with a 20-year history. There are more than 500 people who work for the company.

Managements strategy is simple - successful conquer of new positions and, at the same time, retaining of the existing ones. This approach can be called a general strategy in the area of production and distribution. High quality, dynamism, and inexpensive prices comprise the policy strictly followed by .KHMELNYTSKLEGPROM, JSC

Our assortment consists of different kinds of business and casual clothes, clothes for children, overalls, bedclothes and college uniform. KHMELNYTSKLEGPROM, JSC production consists of more than 3 million pieces of mens, womens and childrens clothes per year. Those are clothes people wear every day, clothes for any occasion (business, casual, work, sport). And there are only few things, which are common for all these clothes they are elegant, modern and are made of natural fabrics.

Modern technology and reliable equipment together with high personnels qualification and experience, different laboratory tests and scientific research are guarantee of the highest quality of the companys production.

Many awards and prizes have proved the efficiency of this approach. In 1998 and 1999, KHMELNYTSKLEGPROM won the national competition European Business Model in nomination Big Companies. In the same 1999, the company was awarded the diploma Best Exposition for its participation in the Regional Universal Exhibition, etc.

High personnels qualifications, constant work on modernization, development and implementation of new technologies allows to maintain the highest quality and affordable prices.

The Joint-Stock Company KHMELNYTSKLEGPROM was established in 1981.

At the beginning, the company had only one department with 50 employees. But years latter, in 1995, the company became one of the biggest industrial companies in Ukraine. At that moment, there were more than 500 highly qualified employees who worked in 7 different departments. The level of production increased by many times. In order to maintain the leading position in the industry, the management of the company, headed by the Chairman of the Board Mr. Volodymyr Kulakov, decided to implement a big investment project and to build a new main building of the company. This project was successfully completed within a very short term and on 5th of June 1995, 28 Marhala Ribalco vul. became the new address of KHMELNYTSKLEGPROM, JSC.

Since that moment, the management of the company has been trying to bring in something new almost every year.

In 1997, a Designer House was opened. From the very start the DH became a fashion center for many designers. The collections created in the DH won prizes in different national and international competitions among which there were such prizes the SMIRNOFF Prize, the Admiral needle and others. The main concept of the Designer House is to produce clothes, which are elegant, comfortable and inexpensive at the same time. To achieve these goals, designers use natural fabrics and modern technology.

Currently, all product range can be divided into several groups:
- Mens and womens clothes
- Children clothes
- Overalls
- College Uniform
- Bedclothes

To maintain the highest quality standards, the management pays much attention to the issue of modernization and re-equipment. In line with this, a new VTO was substituted for the old one in 1998.. In 1999, new 3rd generation sewing machines made by the Japanese company JUKI" were substituted for the old ones. In 2000, new Automatic Design System was installed. Application of this system reduces the amount of time spent on development of new clothes by 3-4 times.

In the beginning of 2000, due to a great demand for the companys production, the management of the company decided to build onother department. This will allow to create 250 new jobs in the near future.

The company takes a active part in different exhibitions. In 1998 and 1999, KHMELNYTSKLEGPROM won national competition European Business Model in the nomination Big Companies. In the same 1999, the company was awarded a diploma Best Exposition for its participation in the Regional Universal Exhibition. The company received a diploma of the TV Festival Barvi Poddily for its jacket collection Spring Walk.

KHMELNYTSKLEGPROM, JSC has also participated in the International Competition SuperModel - Ukraine.

This work for the company and Ukraine has been highly appreciated by the President of Ukraine and, in 1998, Chairman of the Board of KHMELNITKLEGPROM Mr. Volodymyr Kulakov was awarded the title Honored Industrialist of Ukraine.

In the same 1998, KHMELNYTSKLEGPROM, JSC was awarded the Golden Mercury Order.

In 2000, the President of the International Academy of Top Management awarded Mr. Volodymyr Kulakov a golden medal For Efficient Management.

There another issue, which management of the company pays a lot of attention to: it is charity. Regardless of the general economic situation in the country, an unwritten rule of the company that at least 5% of the overall profit is spent for this purpose

During all these years, KMELNITSKLEGPROM, JSC has created an image of a stable and reliable partner. This allows us to confidently look into the new Millennium.

We always welcome new business partners.

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