Novokakhovsky Electromechanical Plant LLC

  • Address:
    35, Pershotravneva str., c. Nova Kakhovka, Kherson reg., 74900, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05549) 7-02-20, 9-07-16
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NKEMZ LLC "Novokakhovsky Electromechanical Plant" (formerly known as the "Southern Electric Plant", and later - JSC "Yuzhelektromash") was founded in 1955 in a newly built city of New Kakhovka young and is one of the largest manufacturers of induction motors in the CIS countries.

"Novokakhovsky electromechanical plant" - a company with 55 years of experience, specializes in the design and manufacture of AC motors for general industrial and explosion-proof version from 0.75 to 315 kW *. Products LLC "NKEMZ" have been successfully used in enterprises of mechanical engineering, housing and utilities, energy, coal, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical industry of Ukraine, CIS and abroad.

Electric motors series 4AMU, 6AMU.
Explosion-proof electric motors:
- For chemical, gas, petrochemical industry, a series of AIMM, 2AIMM;
- For the coal industry, a series of AIU, 2AIU, AIUM, AIUL;
- Fans of the local mine ventilation VMEU-5, 6, 15-25kW;

Electric motors for special applications:
- For rail 4AZH series;
- Elevator motors AC series 4AF/4AN.
- For air coolers series VASO7K 6.5-37kW, 90kW VASO5K 37, ASVO5K 6.5 ZOkVt, ASVO5K37-90kW.

The quality system certified to ISO 9001:2008.