Giprotractoroselkhozmash, Joint-Stock Company

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    40 Nauky ave., c. Kharkiv, 61166, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 702-15-58, 702-15-59, 715-78-43
Chairman of the Board - Sergiy Panarin

Joint-stock company "Leading Institute for designing tractor, motor car and aglicultural machinery plant" having been created on the basis of the State Institute "Giprotractoroselkhozmash" and wearing the Order of the Red Banner of Labour was founded in 1928 and now it is one of the oldest institute of its branch. The Institute's experience is over 70 years in working out the complex design and estimate documents for new construction, reconstruction, expansion and technical re-equipment of industrial enterprises, environmental control facilities, housing and social infrastructure as well.

Under the Institute's designs there were built and reconstructed the motor car in Kremenchug, Zaporozhe, Elabuga; tractor plants in Kharkov, Minsk, Volgograd, Vladimir, Chelyabinsk, Kishinev, Rubtsovsk,Tashkent; combine plants in Rostov-on-Don, Gomel, Ternopol; plants for high-volume diesel engines production in Kharkov, Minsk, Volgograd, Tashkent, Barnaul, numerous plants for production of different units and spare parts, as well as plants for armoured car production.

Under the Institute's design the enterprises were built in Bulgaria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Mozambique, Vietnam, India and China.

Joint-stock company "Giprotractoroselkhozmash" is able to perform top-quality design work and in short terms to the Customer's interests with highly qualified specialists of different types having the great experience of designing.

Investigation Prior to Design Work
- calculation of manufacturing process and industrial organization level;
- capacity calculation of the working enterprises;
- determination of increasing the production level ways;
- working out the technical and economic estimates and feasibility reports for construction, extension, reconstruction and re-equipment.

Engineering Survey
- estimation of construction sites;
- static probing of soils;
- boreholes drilling and estimation of geological conditions of construction;
- geodetic and hydrological surveying;

Of Industrial Production
- tractor, motor car, motor aggregate plants and plants of the agricultural machinery with mass, high-run and small-scale production;
- centralized blank production shops; iron, steel-casting and nonferrous foundries;
- machining, heat-treating, stamping, fordging, painting, electroplating, toolmaker's and assembling production, shops and sections;
- the projects of the auxiliary processes, repair machining and electric repairing, nonstandard equipment shops and shops for production of consumer goods;
- development of general layouts of plants and separate kinds of production as well as vertical layouts of the enterprise areas.

Power Engineering and Utilities
- boiler, compressor houses, oxygen plants, acetylene generator houses, pumping plants;
- heat supply, gas supply, air conditioning, heating, water supply and sewerage, communication and signalling system;
- transformer substations, switchgears, electric lighting, 6-10 kW and 0.4 kW aerial cable systems;
- storehouses, fuel oil storage tanks, garages, access roads.

- carrying out flow charts and working technology for all the process stages of the engineering industry;
- working out technological concepts for waste utilisation;
- technological design of agroindustrial complexes and building industry projects.

Industrial Infrastructure Projects
- improvement of preplant and in-plant areas;
- plant management and architectural and artistic improvement of plants;
- engineering and laboratory as well as administrative and utility buildings;
- dining-rooms, dispensaries and polyclinics, control posts, show rooms, shopping centres, sport and sanitary complexes.

Agroindustrial Complex Projects
- enterprises and sections for repair and service of agricultural machinery;
- works for processing and storage of farm products;
- mechanisation of stock-rearing farms.

Social Infrastructure Projects
- residental buildings according to the individual designs;
- public buildings;
- districts of cottage housing of the settlements, individual cottages;
- rest bases, holiday hotels, hotels, medical institutions;
- garage cooperatives, gardening association improvement.

- Special and non-type equipment (furnaces, blast cupolas, washing, drying and painting units);
- lifting and conveying machines (belt, spiral, flight, overhead conveyers, overhead-track hoists, piler cranes and so on).

Industrial Ecology Measures
- industrial atmospheric emissions and industrial effluents inventory;
- working out norms of permissible emissions and effluents and ecological certificates;
- estimation of background concentration of atmospheric emissions;
- estimation of industrial installation influence on environment and preparation of recommendations on the technology from the ecological point of view;
- industrial wastewater and rainfall run-off purification and designing circulating water supply;
- purification of emissions from dust, steam and aerosols;
- calculations of sanitary and protection zones for the settlements and their improvement;
- calculations of noise level in rooms and preparation of noise suppression measures;
- designing sewage works of different kinds;
- industrial waste reclamation and processing (woodworking, rubber, plastic material, glass, paint waste, electrolytic slime) with following designing proper small enterprises and sections;
- designing the complex enterprises for reclamation, processing and burial of industrial wastes including toxic ones.

Construction Engineering Work.
- carrying out final report on inspection of engineering state of the frame constructive elements for existing buildings and structures with working out their protection and reinforcement measures;
- mediatory work and services for construction.

Joint-stock company "Giprotractoroselkhozmash" carries out all the above-mentioned work on the basis of the state licences, certificates and permission using modem computerisation.

All kinds of works are carried out at the basis of governmental licenses and permits and with the use of adanced computing facilities.

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