KharkivMetroProekt, Open Joint Stock Company

General Director - Volodymyr Korovnichenko

"KharkovMetroProect" has a 30-year experience in designing subways, transport and engineering tunnels which were constructed in various climate and engineering-geologic environment with soil characteristics ranging from rock to soft and water-encroached ground; in complicated city environment (carrying out drivage under unique monuments of architecture and engineering) with the use of special modes, namely: artificial recession of level of subterranean water, congelation, pneumatic drivage, wall in ground, chemical reinforcement of ground and other injection modes with application of advanced Ukrainian and imported excavating equipment.

Construction of subway lines of deep and shoal laying, subway station complexes of pre-cast and monolithic concrete is carried out according to project documentation developed by "KharkovMetroProect".

The company developed first in Ukraine single-vault subway stations of monolithic and pre-cast concrete which are widely used and protected by copyrights.

Jointly with the Kharkov research institutes TyazhPromAvtomatika, KharGiproTrans and GosRadioProect the "KharkovMetroProect" OJSC has developed and applied advanced automated systems for control and management of all technological processes and train traffic. That enabled the Kharkov subway to take the leading position as to traffic speed, quality of servicing, fail-safety operation and volumes of passenger conveyance.

We have also developed documentation for construction of subways in Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), Moscow, Krasnoyarsk and Sverdlovsk (Russian Federation), Tashkent (Uzbekistan); underground sections of high-speed tramway lines in Volgograd (Russian Federation), Krivoy Rog and Lvov (Ukriane), Tallinn (Estonia), Vilnius (Lithuenia), the company also provided advice during subway construction in Warsaw (Poland).

The objects constructed by "KharkovMetroProect" are characterised by high quality of construction, architectural expressiveness and modern technical equipment. Those factors stipulated that the personnel of KharkovMetroProect and KharkovMetroStroy was awarded by the Council of Ministers of USSR in construction sphere for three times.

"KharkovMetroProect" personnel is staffed with highly qualified specialists having large experience and carries out whole range of works on subway design.

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