Kharkiv National Medical University

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Rector - V. Kapustnyk

Kharkiv State Medical University was founded as state property and is subordinate to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This educational institution received the status of University by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 244 dated April 20, 1994 ("On Perfection of the Network of Higher Educational Institutions") as a result of reorganization of the Kharkiv Medical Institute. In 1920 the latter succeeded in its rights to the Medical Faculty established on January 17, 1805 in Imperial Kharkiv University founded by a Decree of Alexander I dated November 5, 1804.
In 1992 the Kharkiv Medical Institute was the first higher medical institution of Ukraine attested by the ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine by the 4th level of accreditation.

By decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 244 dated April 20, 1994 ("On Perfection of the Network of Higher Educational Institutions"), Kharkiv Medical Institute served as a base for establishing Kharkiv State Medical University.

In 1998 Kharkiv State Medical University was accepted as a member of the International Association of Universities.

At Kharkiv State Medical University, 13 scientific schools were formed and fruitfully work; some of them have a history of more than one century. In different years, members of academies V.P. Vorobyov, V.Ya. Danilevsky, O.M. Marzeev, O.V. Melnikov, M.F. Melnikov-Razvedenkov, O.V. Palladin, Ye. O. Popov, V.P. Protopopov, M.M. Solovyov, A.I. Strukov, G.V. Folbort, M.M. Zechnowizer, O.I. Cherkes, V.M. Shamov, O.O. Shalimov, associate members of academies D.O. Alpern, V.O. Belousov, O.Ya. Danilevsky, V.S. Derkach, Ye.K. Prikhodkova, A.M. Utevsky worked at Kharkiv State Medical University.

Names of many scientists of Kharkiv State Medical University were given to the streets of Kharkiv. The Minister of Health of Ukraine, an associate member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Moskalenko V.T. graduated from Kharkiv State Medical University too. People's Deputies of Ukraine, prof. Bilovol O.M., prof. Bogatyriova R.V., Loboda M.V., Sviatash D.V., Goshovsky V.S. are examples of the best graduates of the University.

During of its 200-year history the university has trained more than 51,000 doctors.

Today Kharkiv State Medical University is a famous educational institution; at its 5 faculties study about 4,500 students, of them 800 foreign students from 35 countries. Kharkiv State Medical University has 63 departments, the majority of them are headed by professors and doctors of science. The staff of the university consists of 641 teachers, of them 103 doctors of science and 399 candidates of science.

Among the teachers there are two full members of National Academy of Science of Ukraine: Hero of Labor, Hero Of Ukraine professor L.T. Malaya, professor V.I. Gryschenko, 22 members of special academies: professors A.Ya. Tsyganenko, M.V. Krivonosov, E.G. Dubenko, V.V. Bobin, M.I. Pylypenko, G.I. Dudenko, V.S. Prykhodko, V.M. Khvorostynka, A.F. Yakovtsova, M.O. Klymenko, S.Yu. Maslovsky, M.P. Burykh, V.I. Sypity, M.G. Bogdashkin, I.F. Kostiuk, B.M. Lupyr, V.I. Kutsevliak, V.P. Golik, V.G. Samokhvalov, V.I. Zhukov, Yu.S. Paraschuk, V.I. Starikov; 2 Honorary Teachers of Higher School A.Ya. Tsyganenko, I.G. Mitasov, 14 Honorary scientists of Ukraine: professors L.T. Malaya, V.I. Gryschenko, E.G. Dubenko, M.P. Vorontsov, V.M. Khvorostynka, V.S. Prykhodko, M.P. Bogdashkin, V.I. Lupaltsov, G.I. Dudenko, A.F. Yakovtsova, S.I. Shevchenko, V.I. Kutsevliak, I.K. Latogus, Zh.D. Semidotska; 6 State Prize winners: professors L.T. Malaya, V.I. Gryschenko, V.I. Lupaltsov, E.G. Dubenko, B.E. Grechanin, N.P. Voloshina; 3 Honorary doctors of Ukraine: professors B.M. Lisovoy, O.M. Bilovol, A.M. Daschuk.

Kharkiv State Medical University has a 40-year experience of preparing specialists for foreign countries. The majority of foreign citizens who graduated from the university have become famous scientists, heads of hospitals, leading specialists and health care authorities in their countries. Of them there are well known scientists from Germany: Andreas Defreng and Gerhard Reichel, heads of departments Utara Kalilu (Urology department in Bamako, Mali), Mtango Fariji Daniel (Epidemiology and Medical Statistics Department, Tanzania), heads of hospitals: K.B. Bishva (Nepal), El Sheikh Idris (Sudan) at al.

The staff of the university has been working for improvement of methods of teaching and knowledge control with the purpose to achieve the world standards of quality of doctors' training. Eighteen departments of the university are basic for improvement of qualification of teachers from all medical schools of Ukraine. The teachers of the university have published 138 textbooks and manuals, of them "Atlas on Human Anatomy" by V.P. Vorobyov and P.D. Sinelnikov, "Textbook of Physiological Chemistry" by O.V. Palladin, "Pathological Physiology" by D.O. Alpern, "Communal Hygiene" by O.M. Merseyev and V.M. Zhabotinsky, "Orthopedics and Traumatology" by V.P. Trubnikov, "Textbook of Children's Diseases" by V.O. Belousov, "Microbiology" by V.S. Derkach, "Children's Diseases" by V.S. Prykhodko and co-authors. The scientists of the university solve important problems of modern medicine. The significance of the scholarly work is proved by patents of the USA, China, Germany as well as by 300 author's certificates.

Kharkiv State medical University actively co-operates with numerous foreign and international research and educational institutions: European Federation of Physiological Associations (France), International Organization on Brain Study, WHO Regional European Bureau, American Medical research Foundation, A. Schweitzer Institute of Human Studies.

The scientists of the university have published 260 collections of scientific works, 230 monographs.
Great attention is paid to training scientists and teachers. About 200 doctors of science and 1500 candidates of science have been trained there.
At present the university trains doctors at two levels: specialist and master in 43 specialties, approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Of them;
- General medicine - training of internists, surgeons, obstetricians, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, ENT, neurologists, psychiatrists, radiologists, dermatologists, orthopedists, forensic physicians and others.
- Pediatrics - training of pediatricians (all surgical and non-surgical specialties).
- Prophylactic medicine - training of sanitary physicians specialized in general hygiene and ecology, communal hygiene, hygiene of children, hygiene of catering, hygiene of labor, radiation hygiene), epidemiologists, specialists in occupational diseases, infectionists.
- Dentistry - training of dentists specialized in therapeutic dentistry, maxillo-facial surgery, orthodontics, and pedodontics.

The university has a preparatory department for foreign students.

The university is located in 6 buildings; its clinical departments are located in 8 regional, 10 city hospitals and 4 research institutes. In 1993 a new laboratory building was built. At present a university dental hospital is built.

The university has 6 students' hostels. The library of the university contains more than 800,000 books and up-to-date information carriers.

The graduated from the university work in all regions of Ukraine and abroad, in different countries of the world. They restore health and save lives thus creating a good fame for their alma mater.

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