Fanplyte, (Plywood and Boards), Close Joint-Stock Company

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    1 Fanerna str., c. Kyiv, 02160, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 559-00-95, 559-03-95, 559-12-11, 559-12-18
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Director - Palladiy M. Gorbatyuk

Joint-stock company "Fanplyte" - former Darnitza plywood plant was founded in 1908 for plywood production. At that time it was used as packing material for sugar and other products. During soviet period the plant was of great importance, it continued to produce plywood for aircraft industry and for export.
With every passing year the plant was working better, improving its production quality and increasing output. Plywood is excellent material for furniture and building industry, reconstruction works, jointer's articles and containers.

Today the main activities of the comoany is:
1. Manufacturing of medium density fiberboard, type PST-40, on German-made BIZON production line. MDF is made in Euro-size dimensions 2440x1220 mm with the thickness of 2.5, 3.0, 3.2, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 mm. Upon a Customer's request we can execute custom-tailored orders of other sizes, as well as laminate surfaces with imported foils.

2. Manufacturing of glued plywood, type FK, size 1525x1525 mm, and thickness from 4 mm up to 22 mm; rotary-cut veneers, glued parts; other wooden goods and decorative elements with the use of laser technology.

The outdoor chip storage yard with installed chipping and sorting equipment was constructed at the enterpise. Together with other measures it gave the possibility of maximum using wood-waste and low-quality raw material for fibreboard production. Mechanical shop provides production with spare parts to imported and home-made equipment and also produces some non-standard mechanisms.

Laser technology section successfully works at the enterprise. High artistic articles from timber, metal and plywood are made to decorate offices, production and domestic premises, furniture; national emblems of Ukraine and Kyiv are also manufactured there.

Joint-stock company "Fanplyte" products as: glued plywood, fibreboards, rotary cut veneer and laser equipment. Our constant buyers are USA, England, France, other countries.
Fibreboards are transported by Novorossiysk and Odessa ports, by railroad and motor transport from "Fanplyte" storehouse.
For transportation fibreboards are packed in parcels of the same size in length, width and thickness and bound with metal band.

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