Farmak, Joint-Stock Company

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    63 Kyrylivska str., c. Kyiv, 04080, Ukraine
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Director - V. Kosryuk

"FARMAK" is the holder of an International Gold Prize for the best trade name (Spain, 1996), the prize "Arch of Europe to quality and perfection" (1997) and the Prize " For technology and quality " (1999) - for achievements in introduction of a system of quality at the enterprise.. It is one of the oldest enterprises in Ukraine which produces medicinal substances and off-the shelf medicinal remedies. The firm was created in 1991 out of the Kiev's chemical and pharmaceutical plant named after M.V.Lomonosov.

For 75 years of its existence, the firm has been transformed into one of the leading enterprises of domestic pharmaceutical industry. The nomenclature of medicines, produced by firm, covers for more than 80 names and many aspects of internal medicine, cardiology, rentgenology, allergology, endokrinology, and also chemical products and half-products for synthesis of substances and veterinary.

Just 3 months after creation of the plant its scanty staff (42 workers and 13 employees) gave its first output: chloroform and salicylic acid. As far as the beginning of the Great Patriotic War chloralhydrate and chloroform production was extended, pharmacopoeian resorcin shop was started, validol, trichloroacetic acid, urotropine, chloride and calcium carbonate, and ether for narcosis productions, etc. were created. During the war years production of such necessary preparations as sulfanilamide, ethyl chloride as well x-ray screens was begun.

Since that time the work directed towards the increase of capacity, improvement of manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations, towards extension of the nomenclature of the products manufactured, improvement of their quality, surroundings protection has been carried out.

From the fifties, together with the continuation of the work on synthesis of a series of medicinal preparations, active work on the organization of finished drugs manufacture in the formulation of powders, liquids, tablets, solutions for injections was begun using modern equipment. Putting into operation of automatic lines of foreign production, of the best standards of home production engaged in package of liquid preparations solved the problem of ensuring the population with such preparations as corvalol, corvaldin as well as naphthizin and validol entirely.

The firm was and is the basic enterprise for radiopaque agents manufacture not only in Ukraine but in all countries of the former USSR.

Application into manufacture of new equipment engaged in package of sterile liquids into polyethylene bottles allowed not only improve quality of the package for preparations manufactured by the firm and make it more convenient for use, naphthizin, for example, but to extend considerably the nomenclature of the products. Manufacture of antibiotics and preparations for ophthalmology has been planned.

Now open joint stock company "Farmak" meets requirements of a modern large industrial enterprise and has technical, spiritual and material resources, which form the basis for the further development, for consolidation of the position won in the pharmaceutical industry and follow the requirements of the world market and contribute to human’s health protection by its activity.

For the last 10 years 17 thousand square metres of new industrial facilities and 6 thousand square metres of administrative and domestic premises were put into operation. Practically, another plant has grown. A sanitary zone around the firm was created – without lodging and medicinal establishments.

Main directions of JSC "FARMAK" activity are as follows:
- Development and producing of the off-the shelf medicinal forms (tablet, capsule, dragee, ampulated preparations for injections, eye drops, drops for ear and nose, drops for internal application, ointments, creams and preparations in tubes, granulated preparations);
- Development and producing of substances and half-products for their synthesis.
- Development and clinical research of new medicinal remedies and off-the shelf medicinal forms in co-operation with Academy of Medical Sciences, State Scientific Centre of Drugs, universities, clinics and hospitals of Ukraine.

For further expansion of the list of medicinal remedies and better support to population by providing of high-performance preparations the firm develops co-operation with foreign partners: RanBaxy (India), Natco (India), Terpol (Poland), Polfa (Poland), Herbapol (Poland), "Merck (Germany), "Restar" (Italy), "Chemo" (Spain), Alkaloid (Macedonia) etc.

JSC "FARMAK" sells its products to Russia and other countries of the CIS, to the Baltic States and to the countries of Europe.

The firm pays great a attention to the work on defense of the market for its output: it improves quality of its products, applies new highly effective preparations in industry, develops new preparations by itself and in co-operation with the scientists of field and academic institutions, works over organization of competitive output, registers its preparations in the near and far foreign countries, creates joint plants, realizes protection of the names of its output registering it as trade marks at appropriate patent departments; the firm has carried out stroke coding of its output and is engaged in the change of the design of finished output package, etc.

More than 960 persons are working at the firm, and a considerable quantity of highly trained specialists of all levels are among them. Analytical shop laboratories, the central laboratory, the laboratory of the department for technical control are supplied with modern equipment. There is an animal house at the firm. Laboratories of biological and microbiological control are the best in Ukraine. All this allowed the firm to gain good reputation at consumers.

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