Sevastopol Sea Fishing Port, State Enterprise

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    5 Rybakiv str., c. Sevastopol, 99014, Ukraine
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    +38(0692) 24-21-16
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Head of the Port - M. Mozgovy, tel. (+380 692) 41-22-90

Sevastopol Sea Fishing Port was established pursuant to the order of Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR No. 108-r dated January 29, 1964. COORDINATES: 44°35" N, 33°26" E


Sevastopol Sea Fishing Port is located in the southwest of the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea coast in the Kamyshovaya bay which is 3 km long, 400 m maximum wide with convenient ship channel and approach, with experienced docker personnel. The shipping season at the Port lasts all the year round. The port water area is protected by Eastern and Western moles in the northeast. Water level oscillation are mainly dependent on low and high water, with their value not exceeding 0.3 m.


The port outer road is 8 cables to NW from the Western mole with area center lying in coordinates 44 36" N: 33 24" E. The anchorage depth is from 50 m to 65 m. Muddy ground holds an anchor well.

Since October, 1992 the Port is open for international freight traffic with a call at it of foreign-registered vessels. During this time, the Port handled 1,050 foreign-registered vessels under many states flags from almost all continents.

At present, the Port has at its disposal 12 berthes 1,771 m total long with ship permissible draft from 5.5 to 9.1 meters including one bulk-oil berth and 6 berthes with 2 or 3 tracks of railway lines for general cargoes. 21 portal cranes of 3 to 6 tons cargo capacity are installed along the berth line at its rear near the warehouses. There are 105 auto-electric-driven fork-lifts, closed unheated warehouses of 6 000 square m area and heated warehouses of 2 000 square m area, open charging areas of 30 000 square m, refrigerating capacities of 5 000 tons at the Port.

The Port accomplishes the whole range of works connected with cargo carriage by sea, transshipment to other transport, transport-forwarding facilities, storage of cargo and other services of acceptance and handling of ships.

During 1999, the Port handled 1,520 thousand tons of cargo having achieved by this the maximum cargo turnover for the 36-year history of its existence. Cargo operations in ship's holds are practically completely mechanized with the help of diesel engine forklifts. New cargo-carrying means for loading of long-measured materials are developed. The Port ships 70-100 thousand tons of export cargo (of metal goods, soda, paper etc.) monthly. A day rate of rolled metal loading to a bulker-type ship is 5-9 thousand tons.

During the last year, the sales of the operations performed and services rendered by the port reached 35 million UAH, and the profit was 14 million UAH. The Port does not have arrears of wages to its workers and payments to budget.

We associate the future expansion of the Port with utilization of the water area and land assigned to us, where it is planned to construct a berth line of 400 meters long with rated depths of 12.0 meters. Here earth backing has begun of the sea water area with straightening of coastal line with the area of 7 ha to be used (as planned now) for warehouse areas. There is Resolution No. 126 of Town Council Session dated May 25, 1994, for the construction of the third part of the Port expansion. The calculated cargo turnover on the designed berth will amount to 1.34 million tons of general cargo yearly.

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