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    7/1, Naberezhna str., c. Vyshhorod, Kyiv reg., 07300, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(095) 232-35-90, 241-22-22
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The company "GFSGROUP" works in two directions. One of them is the development and production of a new product for the individual needs of the client (under its own brand or without). A quality product will be developed and manufactured in the optimal time.

Also we provide incomplete cycle services: packing and / or packaging of the product provided by the customer. This allows our client to avoid significant expenses for the purchase of own equipment.

The second direction of the company "GFSGROUP" is the production of its own products under the trademark "Gulfstream" with long shelf life.

We draw inspiration from the traditions of various cuisines of the world, offering a wide and tasty range of dishes, ideal for any occasion. Namely:
- snacks
- first meal
- second courses
- garnishes
- salted and sandwiches
- sauces
- semi-finished products
- Confectionery