Ratnovskyi Agrariy Agricultural limited company

  • Address:
    2, Nova st., c. Ratne, Volyn reg., 44100, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03366) 2-94-12
  • Web-site:
Agricultural limited company «Ratnovskyi Agrariy» grows maize,, rape, soya, rye, oats, annual and perennial grasses and other crops on the rented lands by using modern technology farming. Organic fertilizers are applied under sowing crops.

Proper herd was being created during the first year of company business activity. Today the herd consists of above 1000 pedigree cattle heads of five meat breeds, such as Limousin, Charollais, Aberdeen Angus, Poliska myasna, Volynska myasna. Cattle feeding is realized by the way of unattached keeping using ecologically clean feed without stimulators of growth and other inorganic elements.