TD TAM Private enterprise

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    Svyatoslav Khrabroh st. , 44, office 403, c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49000, Ukraine
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    +38(056) 371-70-45
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Available more than 2000 tons of sheet metal rolling of ordinary, low-alloyed, alloyed, constructional, tool and other brands of steel.

We carry out cutting of sheets up to 200 mm thick on a CNC cutting machine. Work under the order is possible – conditions are stipulated in addition.

We complete need of the enterprises for sheet metal rolling and the following brands of steel, according to applications:
- Stainless steel.
- Wear-resistant and high-strength grades of steel.
- Tool steels for plastic casting.
- Other structural steel grades.
- Carbon steels for various applications.
- Cold rolled sheets on steel grade 65G(66Mn4 / 1.1260)
- Prices are negotiable. Pricing policy depends on the quantity of ordered metal.