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NGO "UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION OF PALLIATIVE CARE FOR CHILDREN" (UAPCD) is the largest non-profit organization in Ukraine that brings together professionals and public activists regarding the provision of palliative care for children.

Children’s palliative care is a separate branch of the palliative care speciality. Unlike adult palliative care, there are several significant differences. CHILDREN ARE NOT YOUNG ADULTS! Definition of "palliative care" by WHO includes a separate section that provides independent, active assistance to children who may have an immense number of conditions that can cause early death of a child before reaching adulthood. Many of these conditions are rare.
NGO "UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION OF PALLIATIVE CARE FOR CHILDREN" is a community of experts, doctors and activists in the field of palliative care of various medical and non-medical specialities whose purpose is to:
- assist in the organization and development of the system of children's palliative care in Ukraine;
- assist in the adoption of the regulatory framework and standards for the provision of palliative care for children based on international evidence-based medicine practices;
- facilitate the development of pre-diploma and postgraduate education programs for all categories of specialists involved in working with children of th2225e palliative profile;
- protect children's rights to receive high-quality palliative care in a timely manner that meets all the needs of the child and his family.