Volynski Browar Company

  • Address:
    72b, Anriivska str., c. Berezne, Rivne reg., 34600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(097) 773-77-07
  • Web-site:
«Volynski Browar» is a new trademark on the market of Ukrainian craft beer. The brewery is located in town Berezne, Rivne region, Ukraine. Using our own professional equipment, we have been brewing beer since December, 2014.

The heart of «Volynski Browar» is a system of brewing equipment produced by Slovak specialists from Blonder Beer plant, together with fermentation tanks CCT, where beer undergoes fermentation and «maturation» during twenty days. It should be noted that the brewery has its own beer filling equipment in glass bottles and kegs.

Striving for excellence in creation of our beer, we are using the best raw materials and traditional brewing methods. We are working to revive the genteelness of beer, its unique taste and respect it really deserves. The staff of the brewery day by day does their best to pass along the message of the rich world of tastes and classical styles to you, dear beer-lover.