Ukrainian Association of Young Farmers

  • Address:
    Baseyna St. 2a, floor 2, office 1, c. Zhytomyr, 10014, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(093) 297-85-78, (094) 711-51-56
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Head of Association - Dmytro Michurin

The Ukrainian Association of Young Farmers was founded in February 2002 to advance the integration of Ukraine into the global economic and educational space as well as establish a partnership between the European Union and Ukraine in the areas of agricultural education, science, business and rural development.

UAYF’s primary areas of activity:
- attracting youth to agricultural education institutions, promoting modern views on agricultural business and an understanding of its long-term benefits;
- implementing international programs aimed at improving qualifications of young specialists in the agricultural sphere, development of human resources for the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex based on EU standards;
- providing young farmers with up-to-date information on advanced agricultural technologies, modern agrarian management and European quality standards;
- organizing farmer collaborations to settle common issues;
- developing programs aimed at improving competitiveness of national farm enterprises for the purposes of European integration;
- establishing international connection between scientists, agricultural business specialists, educational establishments, companies and organizations in order to exchange scientific and technological solutions in agrarian sphere, realization of grants;
- forging close cooperation of agricultural companies with foreign partners and investors.