Galician traditions company

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    Lvivska street, 15 G, Kamyanka-Buzka distr., Lviv reg., 80451, Ukraine
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    +38(050) 431-17-60, (097) 473-06-27
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For more than 10 years the company “Galician traditions” has been manufacturing pasta products.
It all began with a small production, which grew into a constantly growing company, accumulating unique experience in making macaroni masterpieces.

We keep the basic concepts unchanged: careful selection of wheat flour and production using manual labor in combination with modern technology. Our company has a quality analysis laboratory in which highly skilled staff conducts monitoring and inspection. All proceeding raw materials are checked in accordance with the special plans of analysis and technical specifications, which describe the chemical, physical characteristics and quality that conforms to the established laws of Ukraine and the countries of the European Association.

That’s why in 2011 the company received the "Product of the Year 2011" award. Our direction and confident position is a Ukrainian high quality product at affordable prices.