Doctor Blago Plus

  • Address:
    2a/7, Dmitria Donskogo str., c. Odesa, 65007, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(048) 702-34-24, (097) 242-29-22
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Director - Yuri Dovgiy

The clinic was founded in 2006. Dr. Blago Plus is located in Odessa Ukraine, minutes away from the beautiful Black Sea. Dr. Blago Plus is the leader in treatments from Narcotic Addiction and Alcoholism based on the rating of “People’s Choice” Head Doctor in Dr. Blago Plus is Dovgin Yura. “Our clinic is known to people not only to people in Odessa and Ukraine, but also people from Europe, Russia and North America. We work closely and carefully with University of Medicine Odessa. Regularly hold and visit international conferences regarding narcotics addiction and alcoholism. We believe at Dr. Blago Plus that in every case as bad as it is, there is an out.