Argo-Trade, Limited Liability Company

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    2, vyezd Vologodsky 2-y, c. Kharkiv, 61033, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 714-10-15, 714-10-23, 714-10-25
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Director - Igor Serafymovych

"Argo Trade" Trade House, Ltd., was established in 1997 and is focused on production, wholesale and retail trade of various foodstuff and alcoholic beverages.

The company features:
- "Argo Trade" Trade House;
- "Fivel" Joint Venture (Tea company)
- Distillery producing alcoholic beverages under "Argo" trade mark;
- Volchansk Meat Processing and Packing Factory;
- Macaroni production workshop;
- Weighing and packing workshops;
- Napkin manufacturing plant;
- Shop network (in Kharkov city - 23 shops, in the Kharkov oblast - 10 shops, in other Ukrainian cities - 18 shops);
- Number of wholesale storehouses - 13

The products can be divided into the following commodity groups:
- range of vodka
- range of "Fivel" tea ( Black Ceylon, Indian, Green, Hibiscus, Fruit teas.)
- line of soft alcoholic drink "Submarine" of different kinds
- soda water
- potable water
- soda flavoured water
- Different meat production (sausages, frnakfurters, ham, minced meat)
- Macaroni
- Cereals
- Sugar
- Napkins
- Instant Noodle
- peanuts, raisin

"Argo Trade" Trade House represent products in all regions of Ukraine through a network of representatives, dealers, affiliates. There are nearly 60 big distribution companies in Ukrainian cities. The products are also exported to the Russian Federation, Baltic countries, Moldova, EU, America, Equador, India and Sweden. In certain spheres of "Argo Trade" business export takes up to 70% of the total production.

Before the end of 2002 the company plans to start production of instant noodles, increase range of "Fivel" tea, produce wine and Champaign, liqueurs.
In 2003 we plan construction and putting into operation of greenhouse complexes with intensive technologies of fruit, vegetable and flower growing.

For considerable contribution to the development of the food industry of Ukraine, "Argo Trade" Trade House was awarded:
- 1-st prize at the world contest "World Star of Packing", Buenos Aires, 1999.
- Winner of "Golden Fortune", the all-Ukrainian contest, 1999, Kiev.
- The 7-th National Trade Exhibition "Products of Ukraine", awarded with the diploma for active work on increase of product range and competitiveness enhancement
- Felix S. Davydov, President of "Argo Trade" Trade House" awarded for merits in economy development and considerable contribution into creation of international image of Ukraine, "Golden Book of Ukrainian Elite", 2001, Kiev.
- "Argo Trade" Trade House" - winner of "Golden Trade Marks" contest, 2001, Kiev
- "Argo Trade" Trade House" - winner of "Art of Cookery ", 2001, Kharkov
- "Argo Trade" Trade House" - winner of "Ukraine offers cooperation" 2001, Kiev
- Felix S. Davydov, President of "Argo Trade" Trade House" awarded for significant contribution into improvement of public servicing, the Kharkov State Oblast Administration, 2002, Kharkov
- "Argo" water is the winner of a contest within "Slavyansky Bazar" exhibition, 2002, Kharkov

Trade house " Argo Trade" is situated in Kievsky region of Kharkov city and covers the territory of 4,2 hectares. It includes a storehouse, total area about 11 814 square m, administrative building ( 3087 msq), garage, petrol station and other storehouse and production premises. Stock of cars numbers 50 of them with various carrying capacities including refrigerated trucks. That enables to deliver products to storehouses to customers.

- "Argo" plant was built under special project and according to all modern requirements of modern alcohol manufacturing. Total territory makes up 4 hectares. Administrative building (2718 sq.m.), production workshops (1 300 sq.m.), a number of storehouse and utility premises, Artesian water well, all those are located on the territory of the plant. There are 3 lines in operation for bottling vodka and soft alcoholic beverages, with a productivity 6 000 bottles per hour. 3 - stage water treatment process system by "Osmonics Autorpol Co"and Belgian "Eurowater" is installed at the plant. All vodka, soft alcohol, mineral and sweet water are produced on "Argo" plant.

Volchansky meat processing and packing factory. This trade mark is famous since 1911. "Argo Trade'' Company became the investor and general distributor of this enterprise in 2002. The factory is situated in Volchansk town, Kharkov region, in ecologically safe area and covers the territory of 7 hectares.

Joint Venture " Fivel" is a young tea company which was founded in 2001.
Total area is 530 sq m, production area is 320 sq m. It also has administrative building, laboratory and stocks.
The company is manufacturing filter paper tea bags with thread, tag, in paper envelope, in cardboard boxes covered with poly film. "Fivel" was the first who installed in Ukraine the machine for tea manufacturing of "H & S Tee GmbH" Company, made in German, with a productivity 170 bags per minute, 100% tea dust aspiration, magnet separators, weight and quality control. Production process is completely automated. All raw materials are imported from Germany, France and Spain. Worth admitting that production of such type of packing is a very complicated process, however that ensures trade mark protection.

- Macaroni Plant is located on the territory of Trade house "Argo Trade" and covers territory 200 sq. m. Different macaroni are manufactured from high quality raw materials with vacuum presses with automatic dosage of flour and water, drying chambers for drying products. In 2003 the company plans to double production volume by putting into operation two production lines. Productivity is 100 tons per month. Macaroni are produced of high-quality raw materials, shelf life is 1 year without quality-rate decrease.

- Packing plant for packing of sugar, salt, flour, cereals (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, semolina etc.) is situated on the territory of trade house and covers 200 sq. m area. Main equipment is made in Czech Republic. Production capacity is 700 tons per month.

- Napkin manufacturing plant is located on the territory of trade house with the area 120 sq. m and is equipped with 2 lines made in Turkey and Yugoslavia. Production capacity is 180 000 pieces per month.

Affiliates of "Argo Trade" Trade House: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhitomir

Offices of "Argo Trade" Trade House: Lubny, Mirgorod, Kupyansk, Izum, Lozovaya, Krasny Kut, Slavyansk, Krasnograd, Volchansk

Total economic indices:

Production volumes:
Macaroni - 120 tons per month
Cereals - 50 тons per month
Vodka - 500 000 bottles per month
"Fivel" tea - 40 000 boxes per month
Soda water (mineral and flavoured) 1 000 000 bottles per month
Karlovarskaya mineral water - 80 000 bottles per month
Napkins - 300 000 pack per month
Products by the Volchansk meat-packing plant - 250 tons per month

We are always ready to consider offers on cooperation on mutually beneficial terms

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