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    Engels str., 60, office 307, c. Mariupol, Donetsk reg., 87515, Ukraine
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    +38(0629) 41-08-66, (096) 793-85-37
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The EKA Ltd specializes in developing, manufacturing and realizing equipment for tissue histological processing. Presently the company issues the following equipment serial:

Automatic tissue processor AT600-EKA
Automatic tissue processor AT600-T4EKA
Automatic tissue processor AT600-2EKA
Cooling plate PC1250-EKA
Portable cooling plate MPC630-EKA
Water bath lighting B250C-EKA
Water bath B250-EKA
Heating (drying) table C3080-EKA

warranty on all equipment is 3 years

On our equipment we ensure repair and maintenance during the whole term of production and after phasing out during 5 years