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    3, Gagarina str., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49005, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(056) 373-66-37, 788-57-32, (067) 634-19-27
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Director - Vadym Kryukov

PROMETIMPEX Enterprise is a wide-range Importing Trade Company the main activity trend of which is delivery of industrial equipment, materials, componentry, raw materials etc. to Ukrainian Enterprises. Our customers are represented by Metallurgical Plants, Machine Works, Mineral Resource Complex Enterprises as well as Manufacturers of Household Appliances. The List of our Customers is enlarging continuously.

The work experience, informational background available, established relationship with Ukrainian Manufacturers and availability of skilled staff at our Enterprise enable us to carry out the deliveries of any complexity and the exclusive ones at that. Though the PROMETIMPEX was set up in 2006, its employees have more than ten-year experience of work in foreign-economic activity as to deliveries of different-type manufactured goods to Ukraine.

We successfully deliver the following goods:
-semi-processed nonferrous metals, zinc, copper and nickel alloys;
-special steels: tool, heat-resistant ones;
-products made from stainless and corrosion-resistant alloys;
-products made of aluminium and its alloys and extruded aluminium profiles;
-process lines including contract supervision and personnel training;
-lathes, machines and aggregates for metal processing, cutting, bending, grinding, polishing and shot peening;
-thermal-treatment, nitriding, annealing, ageing and quenching furnaces;
-equipment for application of protective and decorative coats on metal surface including powder and liquid painting, anodic oxide coating and enamelling;
-rubber goods;
-compressor equipment;
-control equipment;
-consumable, componentry etc.