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Founded in 1989. The manufacturing premises are located in Dnepropetrovsk city. For the 16 years the "VASIL" firm has developed over 200 sport training machine, equipped over 3000 sport gyms, taken part in more than 160 exhibitions in CIS and foreign countries.

In the year 2002 the firm has been granted the status of official supplier of training machines to the European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation.

Nowadays the "VASIL" firm is the №1 training machines manufacturer in the CIS countries!

The "VASIL" firm - the best price in the world for excellent quality!

The 90th, collapse of the USSR, formation of Independent States. It's required to restore old and good relations again, the borders formation, and, hence, new foreign economic relations. The "VASIL" firm stakes the near foreign countries and mainly Russia. The great attention is focused on the work and development of representatives in Moscow.

For the time the "VASIL" firm has the training complex "IDEAL", that includes 47 stack weight training machines and benches, fitness-complex "Master", that includes 19 training machines. In addition to the professional training machines, the "VASIL" firm manufactures multifunctional training machine for home and abdominal bench combo. These two training machines, which supplement each other, met market requirements on home training machines of that day. For the youngest (infant schools), the "VASIL" firm produced sport-playing complex "Maljuk", totally made of wood as assemblies, that allows easily change the complex assemblies.

For further details about the "VASIL" firm produce manufacturing visit page " VASIL PRODUCE".

The "VASIL" firm is Ukraine's official representative of "Sports Art" company - leader of manufacturing of cardio equipment for fitness, offers wide choice of bikes, treadmills, orbitracks and other aerobic training machines for usage in professional fitness centers and public halls.

For individual exercises we present, the home line bikes, treadmills, orbitracks, vibro massagers of the "SPORTOP" company.

We offer sport clothing for fitness and bodybuilding, karate and boxing and the most versatile choice of sports accessories.

The main consumers of the "VASIL" firm training machines are sports clubs and communities, health centers, people, who lead an active life. The "VASIL" firm training machines can be afforded both wealthy people, and people of average income, because for the highest durability and longevity, the prices for our products are significantly (in 1,5 - 3 times) lower, than those for the analogue products, that are manufactured in European countries and USA.

The "VASIL" firm equipment in Ukraine goes to 8-10 sports gyms a month.

Our purpose is further development of physical culture and sports in Ukraine, and we wish to see our nationals to be healthy and fresh in spirit.