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RedTram™ is the news search engine making it possible for Internet users to find the latest news they are interested in. The uniqueness of this search engine lies in the variety of simultaneously used criteria for searching and displaying news: theme region language date The synchronization of the criteria allows specifying the search request and receiving the very news you are interested in. RedTram™ possesses a number of important functional characteristics.

Convenient catalogue
To make the process of searching news more convenient RedTram™ offers you a well-structured and detailed catalogue. The “Theme” and the “Region” are two main directions of the search. So, you can get the news concerning particular theme and region of the world. Moreover, quick news search is possible in RedTram™ with the help of the search line. High quality of information selection To be added to RedTram™ catalogue news sources are examined from the point of view of quality and news submission effectiveness. Sources containing spam or pornographic information can not be included into RedTram™ news sources database. We do not publish information containing appeals to terrorist actions or other forms of violence and aggression either.