Mangust, Ltd, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    3, Ivanivska str., c. Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 701-14-37, 701-14-38, 701-14-39
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Director - T. Kovalenko

Kharkov garment factory MANGUST was created in 1992. The main orientation of the activity of the factory is men`s and women`s overcoats production. We are one of the leaders in the production of men`s and women`s overcoats in the eastern region of Ukraine.

The factory is constantly increasing its productive capacities. The factory has 500 working places and with complete load of productive capacities can produce 40 000 pieces of men`s and women`s overcoats per month. The factory is disposed in the locals with total surface of 6500 m2, from which 4500 m2 are occupied by production department, 500 m2 - by administrative buildings, 1500 m2 - by store-houses and auxiliary locals, and furthermore the factory has hangars destined for store-houses with total surface of 2000 m2.

Our factory constantly carries out the modernization of the equipment in order that our production would meet the increasing requirements to the quality of sewing. Besides the staff of the factory is composed of highly qualified employees having many years work experience in the clothing industry. The factory is equipped with the machinery of world-wide known societies such as SIRUBA, JUKI, STROBEL, DURKOPP, KANEGISSER, RATONDY, MERROW designed in 2001-2002.

On the territory of the factory is foreseen the medical center for our employees with first-aid room, dental surgery and massage room. In order to maintain high spirits and good physical state we have the training hall. For the comfort of our employees inside the factory territory is opened the dining-room offering ready made meals as well as barber`s and hairdresser`s shops.

We collaborate with most important fabric producers from Italy, China, Korea. Actually we produce a wide range of overcoat models. The many years experience permits to achieve a high quality of the final production, and due to this our goods are in demand in many countries of the CEI.

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