SAM, Company

  • Address:
    8/23, Karla Marksa str., c. Kharkiv, 61012, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 777-01-17
Director - Andriy A. Samoylov

"SAM" - is the dynamically developing company. It has arisen in 1999 and today became one of leaders in the market of wholesale trade tourist and climbing equipment - both own production and leading European firm's production.

Our assortment constantly extends, today we offer you:
- Tents, sleeping bags, rugs, mattresses, expeditionary, camp- and city-backpacks, for summer residents and hunters
- Equipment for climbers, cave explorers: ropes, systems, lighting, carbines, special equipment
- Tourist crock, gas-stove burners, gas-cylinders, water-bottles, thermoses, axes, spades and hammocks
- Clothes for hunt, rest and playing sport arts, raincoats, capes
- Articles for playing sport arts, gymnastics, apparel for single combats
- Materials, isolon, accessories for making of tourist equipment and sport articles.

Also "SAM" company produces non-standard equipment in accordance with customer's drafts, using his logotypes.

We invite to cooperation shops. For sports clubs and children organizations the special offers.

Our articles we are sending in the any place of Ukraine.

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