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Alfa-Bank, Public Joint Stock Company

  • Address:
    4-6, Desyatinnaya str., c. Kyiv, 01025, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 490-46-00, 490-46-01
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Chairman of the Board - V. Mihayle

The regulations of Alfa-Bank Closed Joint-Stock Company were registered by the National Bank of Ukraine on January 26, 2001. Licence 61 by the National Bank of Ukraine was issued to Alfa-Bank CJSC on February 15, 2001. In December, 2001 after adopting new legislative acts the bank was issued a new licence 61 by the NB of Ukraine dated from December 3, 2002 and a written licence 61-1 by the National Bank of Ukraine, dated from December 3, 2002. The statutory fund of Alfa-Bank CJSC is UAH 73 million. Most of the banking transactions performed by Ukrainian banks are also performed by Alfa Bank.

The list of the major Alfa Bank shareholders includes:
1. Ostra-Kiev Joint-Stock Insurance Company;
2. Association of International Forwarding Agents of Ukraine;
3. Alfa-Bank Holdings Limited;
4. Alfa Capital Investments Limited;
5. Alfa-Bank Open Joint-Stock Company

Alfa-Bank develops constantly and efficiently: according to its statutory fund (UAH 72.92 mln.) the bank comes 21 in the rating of the Association of Ukrainian Banks as for April 1, 2002. During 2001 the monetary-investment portfolio of Alfa-Bank increased in more then 2.5 times and constituted more than UAH 133 mln. as for January 1, 2002. The net assets increased in 1.9 times and constituted UAH 183.7 mln. the bank has entered the group of medium banks. Since the beginning of 2001 the number of customers natural entities, has increased for 59% and the number of corporate clients has increased for 45%. In October 2001 Alfa-Bank started own emission of Visa International international plastic cards.

The major customers of Alfa-Bank in Ukraine are ARS CJSC, Ukruglemash Ltd., DneprospecStal OJSC, Azot OJSC (Cherkassy, Ukraine), Interpipe, Sumy Research and Production Company named after Frunze OJSC, Trade House of Zhidachi Paper Mill, NasosEnergoMash OJSC, SumyHimProm OJSC, TNK-Ukraine, Zaporozhie Works of Ferroalloys OJSC, Stahanov Works of Ferroalloys OJSC.

Alfa-Bank successfully implements own investment projects in the spheres of mass media and pharmaceutics. Novy Canal TV-Broadcasting Company, CJSC during 2000-2001 increased its broadcasting networks to 35 Ukrainian cities with simultaneous increase of the audience from 10.7 to 30 million of people, thus the company entered the three major TV-broadcasting channels of Ukraine. Its profits during 2001 as compared to 2000 have increased in 5 times. Nashe Radio radio-broadcasting company, CJSC, broadcasts in 21 cities of Ukraine and enters the 5 most popular network FM-radio-broadcasting stations of the country. Diorama CJSC is the publisher of Diorama Plus Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper which is one of the major social and political weeklies of Ukraine. Subscription rates for the second half of 2002 have increased in 3 times as compared to 2001, advertisement incomes have increased during 2001 for 40 % as compared to 2000. During 2001 GalichPharm OJSC has increased its production capacities for 31% and sales rates of medicines for 17% as compared to 2000.

In 2002 Alfa-Bank continues its growing as a universal bank which offers the broadest range of banking products and services. The bank is planning to double its monetary portfolio and according its net assets to enter the major banks. The bank will finance the real sector, first of all the basic sectors of Ukrainian economy.

In 2002 the bank will systematically expand its presence in Ukrainian regions. It will open its affiliates in Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, offices in Kiev.

In the nearest future the bank plans to enter Europay International, an international payment system which will enable to broaden the number of the services provided.

Alfa-Bank is going to actively and systematically apply the gained experience and knowledge of the Ukrainian business in order to support and service investments to Ukrainian economy. As for today the most prospective directions of investment activities in the Ukrainian market are corporate finances and distribution of assets, both own and customers ones.