MiGremont, Zaporozhye State Aviation Repair Factory

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    Voenstroy Str., 124, c. Zaporizhzhya, 69013, Ukraine
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Zaporozhye State aviation repair factory "MiGremont" specializes on repair of aviation technical equipment. It is the enterprise which is carrying out repair of planes the Mig-25, Su-27, Su-17, Su-25 all updating, their units and systems.

The enterprise has well advanced technological base, the highly skilled personnel that allow carrying out repairs, and also modernization of the given types of planes.

High quality of repair of aviation technical equipment is the basic obligation of the enterprise to the Customer. High quality is guaranteed by the control system working at a factory of quality which is meeting the requirements of international standard ISO 9002 that confirms the certificate of system of quality on conformity to the international standards № 72786, given by the international technical company "Bureau Verities".

At the request of the customer the satellite system of navigation (GPS), integrated in an aim - navigating complex of the plane is established; aim complexes are modernized, established accomplished systems of object guide and firing on helmet.

At the enterprise it is carried out repairs a glider with replacement of elements of power designs, units of systems of a glider, fuel tanks, aviation arms, the radio-electronic equipment, an electric equipment, systems of electronic automatics, devices and systems of the operational control.

Presence of unique bench complexes, including own development, allows the enterprise to carry out repair of the most complicated blocks of units and systems (radar-tracking and optical sights, systems of vertical course, onboard computers, the radar-tracking and radio coherent equipment).

Technical opportunities allow carrying out check of interface and connections of systems, both onboard the basic object, and without the basic object. Search and elimination of malfunction is conducted at a level of element base of completing products, by means of the automated universal diagnostic complex. The given complex is intended for the functional control of digital, digit-analog and analog payments which are part of the radio-electronic equipment of various purposes with use of powerful modern computers that considerably reduces cost of repair.

The enterprise is certificated on manufacture technical rubber products and to restoration of galvanic coverings. More than 80 % technical rubbers products for repair of units are made by own forces. At all stages of repair not destroying quality monitoring are applied.

Intensively progressive technologies, achievements of science and technology take root in the field of restoration of details and units methods of drawing of strengthening coverings.

Cooperation with centers of science of Ukraine, allows carrying out modernization of complexes of the onboard equipment.

The basic directions of modernization are:
- increase in service life;
- increase of reliability;
- expansion of tactical technical opportunities;
- increase of accuracy of work of systems and complexes;
- keeping an optimum parity "efficiency - price".

Simultaneously with repair the enterprise makes modernization of an aim - navigating complex.

As agreed with the customer the enterprise has an opportunity to execute the following kinds of works (on the plane, units and complexes):
- All kinds of repair (capital, average, on a technical condition, procedural works);
- Completions under bulletins of the industry;
- Any kinds of painting;
- Modernization of sights and navigating systems.

The enterprise has the big opportunities in sphere of training of experts of the customer to technological process of repair and operation of the aviation technical equipment, the specialized educational base, the prepared teachers.

Forces of highly skilled workers the enterprise can make technical diagnostics, repair and service of aviation technical equipment, modernization on a point of the customer.

Flight of aviation technical equipment after performance of repair is made by high quality pilots - verifiers.

At the request of the customer the enterprise can make and put the bench equipment on repair and diagnostics of units of the aviation and radio-electronic equipment, and also units, the blocks completing and account materials.

The enterprise is located in immediate proximity from a runway of the Zaporozhye airport.
The territory of the enterprise makes 19 hectare.
The total area of buildings and constructions makes 35 tauth.g.m.

Carries out:
- Average repair and repair on a technical condition of planes Su-27, Su-25, Su-17, Mig-25 of all updating;
- Completions of elements of a glider, systems and units of the plane under bulletins of the industry;
- Modernization of complexes of the onboard equipment;
- Plant AP SNS SN-3307; ASP C-17BC8-M1;
- Training experts to repair of units and blocks of the plane;
- Manufacturing the complete set technical rubber products which are replaced during repair of the plane;
- Manufacturing technical rubber products for the oxygen equipment of the plane.

Experts of a factory carry out on a point of the customer:
- Not destroying control of a technical condition of units of racks of the chassis of the plane Su-27 and its updating;
- Restoration of tightness of fuel tanks;
- Replacement loose leaves of fuel tanks.

During repair the bench equipment and the technologies developed by experts of a factory is applied:
- Stands for tests of fuel system of the plane;
- Stands for tests of catapult armchairs K-36DM of a series 2;
- Stands of the automated control of parameters of work RPD1B-100, RPD1B-500, PM-15BA;
- Stands for tests SDU-10, A-317, A-313, KRD-99;
- Technologies of tuning check and replacements of active elements of optical system Products 36S;
- The complexes stand for check of blocks of system the TESTER - UZL;
- Technologies of tuning check and replacements of active elements of optical system of a product KLEN - 54 (PS).

Complex stands for tests:
- Products A-324 of complex KN-23;
- Complex KN-23;
- Blocks of system SAU-22;
- Products M152.2 KKR-2А;
- A complex "POLET - 1I";
- Systems SAU-155;
- A complex "Peleng-2 (DM).4.

We provide technical support and warranty service of the repaired aviation technical equipment.

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