The Ukrainian Civil Protection Research Institute (UkrCPRI)

  • Address:
    18 Rybalska str., c. Kyiv, 01011, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 280-01-85, 280-18-01, 280-33-03, 280-89-84
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Head of the Institute - Vitalii Kropyvnytskyi, general-major of Civil Protection Service

The Ukrainian Civil Protection Research Institute (UkrCPRI) is the basic scientific organization in Ukraine on scientific support activities of civil protection, fire and man-made safety.
The Institute has modern research base - fire testing ground, created for research and testing on civil protection issues, fire and emergency safety. It has the status of an object of national heritage. Highly qualified specialists of the Institute are able to solve the most difficult task of our time in this area.

Main objectives
Implementation of scientific and technological activities on:
- development of the theoretical foundations of civil protection, it's development strategy, the state policy measures in the sphere of civil protection;
- improving of protection measures for population and territories from emergency situations and its prevention;
- fire and man-made safety;
- conducting of applied researches on emergency response, emergency-rescue operations and capability development of civil protection;
- organization and conduction of applied researches on use and development of the Ukrainian aviation, search and rescue operation, integrated system of air operations for search and rescue.