UkrSpetsLisMash, Association of Forestry Equipment Producers

  • Address:
    #40, 60, Kakhovska str., c. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 493-80-84
  • Web-site:   
"UkrSpetsLisMash", Association of Forestry Equipment Producers, consists of:
- "Ukrspetslismash", Limited Liability Company, Kyiv
- "Lisexport", Private Enterprise, Lviv
- "Kivertsispetslismash", Open Joint-Stock Company, Kivertsi (Volyn district)
- "Lubnyspetslismash", Open Joint-Stock Company, Lubny (Poltava district)
- "Osnastka", Open Joint-Stock Company, Novovolynsk (Volyn district)

Sphere of business:
- lines and technologies for timber primary processing and drying and for waste processing;
- machines and special-purpose equipment for forest care and renewal;
- wood hydraulic loaders of domestic and foreign production (on demand), new and second-hand;
- sales markets for products manufactured on our equipment.

We are not just selling equipment, but offering really working BUSINESS PROJECTS, support and all services (including credits and consulting), and stable level of sales.

You can meet our customers and visit their factories to see our equipment working.

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