Orsvit Group, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    126g, Chervonozoryanyi ave., c. Kyiv, 03118, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 524-00-24, 524-25-32
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President - Vitaliy Mikhal

Closed Joint Stock Company "Orsvit Group" was founded on 26 January 1998.

The main directions of the activity of the company are:
· consulting;
· tourism;
· trading of industrial products ;
· organizing and carrying out of research and development works.

The founders of the company formed philosophy of activity of the organization which is expressed in complex of basic principles among which are:
During its activity in Ukraine the company became known among the financial and industrial circles as reliable, fair and responsible partner, which acts in the favour of its clients. In 1998-2000 multiple-discipline concern "Orimi" (Russia), NCH Advisors Inc. (American Investments Company), Poltava Diamond Plant, Kievpishchestroy (Kievfoodbuilding), Transport Enterprise "TRP" (Kiev), Kievradioproject became the clients of JSC "Orsvit Group".

Since June 1998 "Orsvit Group" CJSC is an official representative of Open Joint Stock Company "Poltava Diamond Plant" (PDP).

- Micropowder of synthetic diamond;
- Diamond paste;
- Diamond grinding wheels of different forms on resin and metal bond;
- Polishing diamond flat wheels of the straight type of the form 1А1;
- Dentist diamond self-sharpening wheels;
- Turning cutting cutters and insert universal boring super-hard material gexanite -P (composite-10);
- Turning cutting cutters and insert universal boring policrystal diamond of SKM-P;
- Plates cutting replaceable K10D;
- Diamond honing sticks;
- Diamond drills;
- Diamond dressers for dressing of grinding wheels;
- Special diamond tools.

JSC "Orsvit Group" provide the following consulting services:

1. Studying of the production (DUE DILIGENCE).
2. Auditing.
3. Management Consultation.
4. Legal support of shares in the favour of proprietors (outsiders and insiders);

Tourists services is an independent direction of the company. JSC "Orsvit Group" has a licence of State Committee of Tourism # 217518 dtd. The company provide the clients with the following services:
- reception and rendering services for foreign tourists in Ukraine;
- reception and rendering service for domestic tourists in Ukraine;
- organizing of tours outside of Ukraine;
- excursion services;
- organizing of mass and sport tourism
- supporting in getting visa and vouchers;
- urgent validation of foreign passports;

The company offers tours round Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Thailand, SAR, Egypt, Cuba, Mexico.

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