Kyiv Experimental Machine Plant ZVARKA, Closed Joint-Stock Company

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    23 Moskovskiy ave., c. Kyiv, 04655, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 426-74-26, 531-39-10
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Our enterprise during more than 50 years recommended itself as the basic manufacturer and supplier of specialized welding and auxiliaries equipment widely used for construction and repair of pipelines of various diameters, and at installation various metal constructions in field conditions.
The important feature of our enterprise is the stability and steady good reputation among the basic consumers of our production - enterprises oil-and-gas of an industry, that is caused by wide experience of manufacture and close cooperation with such conventional leader in the field of welding, as Institute of electric welding of E.O. Paton.
The presence of the skilled designers allows not only to introduce new technologies and equipment, but also to develop and to let out the equipment by the individual order, in view of the requirements of the concrete customer.
For long years the wide experience on manufacture of the equipment for work in extreme conditions is saved - our engineering has variants of performance for operation in the Far North and in the southern countries with sharp - continental climate as well. In particular, we delivered our equipment in such countries, as Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Japan, Finland, Poland, and Germany.

Basic production of our enterprise.

Mobile welding plants on the basis of tractors and automobiles (UST-22, UST-41, etc.) This equipment is designed to conduct welding works in the field, enabling simultaneous welding for up to four welding stations

Pipe welding stations (PLT-322, BNS-81, etc.), enabling welding conduction of separate pipes with the diameter up to 1420mm in the section with the length of 36m in the field with the application of the automatic coated welding. The output is up to 11 joints / hour.

Accessories for welding works conduction on the pipelines, namely: external and internal centring mounts, pipe gas cutting machines, electrode drying furnace, traveling laboratories for welds quality monitoring, etc.

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