Scientific-Production Centre Borschahivka Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant, Closed Joint-Stock Company

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    17 Myiru str., c. Kyiv, 03134, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 205-41-10, 497-21-48, 497-71-40
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Chairman of the Board, General Director - Yuliya Zdarevska

Located in the capital of Ukraine, CJSC "Scientific-Production Centre "Borschahivka Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant" is one of the leading enterprises among Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies as regards production and sales volumes. According to the data of trustworthy international and Ukrainian marketing companies (IMS-International Medical Statistics, Business-Credit) the plant occupies the second place as to sales volumes and the first place as to the range of drugs among the domestic pharmaceutical companies.
Borschahivka Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant was formed in 1947 as a small business which produced besides medicines food and consumer goods.
In 1994 the plant was privatized. Plant property was purchased from the state by the plant employees, their families and retired persons for own profits of the plant and property certificates without attracting outside investment.
At present, there are about 700 shareholders, most of which work at the enterprise. All in all the plant has 580 employees (before privatization there were only 325 employees).

The plant produces more than 120 drugs titles (before privatization it used to produce only 20 titles). Among them are such vital drugs as ALLOHOL, NITROSORBID, CYCLODOL, AMPIOKS, RIFAMPITSIN, ISONIAZID. In 2000 the production of new generation drugs, such as INDOPRESS, ARYTHMIL, MEKSARYTHM, ALTAN, CEFTRIAKSON, KRATAL, PIRAZINAMID has been mastered.

There has been organized the production of drugs for children of so-called "Sweet Drugs of Borshchahivka" group. Today "Borschahivka Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant" is the only producer of such drugs in Ukraine.

In 1999 the company produced medicines for UAH 62.5 million, in 2000 - UAH 108.7 million. Month assessments to local and state budgets made up about UAH 1 000 000.

Annually the plant invests in own production capacities and development of the nearby industrial infrastructure of Kiev about UAH 10 million. For instance for the recent 4 years after privatization the plant constructed about 20 000 sq.m. of production premises, 11 km of high-voltage electric networks and about 1 km of gas network for own and city auxiliaries. In 2000 to the development of own production base the plant invested UAH 22 767 900.

There was created and functions a research laboratory which besides application of scientific developments of Ukrainian research institutes carries out own scientific research on creation of the pharmaceutical substances and medical products which are not produced in Ukraine.
The company's mission id to provide the population of Ukraine with vital and inexpensive medicines.

The range of medicines counts for 16 pharmaco-therapeutic groups. The most profitable are 40-50 medicines.
Considerable sales volumes (especially during winter time) belongs to AMBROCSOL produced as pills and syrup. There is also a well-consumed NITROSORBID (substance of Ukrainian production). There are 26 more medicines which are at different application phases, they are ready for 70-80% for production.
Recently the plant has started production of generic medicines and medicines based on plant raw materials which were developed by Ukrainian researchers. That enabled to increase production volume in average for 20%.
Infrastructure has been changed. There function 2 workshops one of which produces medicines in solid forms and the other - in liquid forms.
New production lines were formed, namely a department for "non-sterile antibotics" on production of medicines in solid gelatine capsules and that for "sterile antibiotics". Its certification on compliance with GMP standard requirements is awaited. It is worthsaying that about 6 000 of sq.m. of production area are not used in full capacities.
In 2000 about UAH 25 million were reinvested. Investment in increase of production capacities is substantiated and proved to be correct. Purchase of high-quality equipment is closely connected with the following production validation and certification on compliance with GMP standard.

The enterprise has developed new sales markets, the sales volumes have increased in Central Asian and Caucasian regions. The export volumes to Byelorussia are gradually increasing.

The enterprise has its own markets. A marketing department, storage facilities and representative offices in several regions of Ukraine have been set up. About 60 % of drugs produced by the plant is sold by 10-12 big Ukrainian distributing firms, such as "BBC-Ltd.", "Optima-Pharm", "Arthur-K", "Fra-M", "Falbi", etc.

Almost all leading wholesale companies of Ukraine are partners of "Borschahivka Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant".

The main objective of representative offices' job for today is promotion of the drugs produced by the plant, especially in hospitals.

Another task for representative offices is to observe the marketing situation in different regions, to control the availability of our drugs at local chemist's.

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