Kation, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    19 Ternopilska str., c. Khmelnytsky, 29016, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0382) 76-00-36, 76-54-29
Main products:
- etched anode and cathode foil;
- cathode deposited upon foil;
- oxidic electrolytic aluminum capacitors;
- oxidic semiconductor niobium and tantalum capacitors;
- small b/w TV sets comprising 16 cm kinescopes;
- machinery for processing agricultural products as well as spare parts thereto;
- various mechanical engineering products and consumer goods.

Now we have production under capacity, long-term links with trade, our own transport, a printing-house, own shops, services of marketing and sale, a network of servicing.

The company offers the following variants of financial relations:
- our returning You in full measure all Your invested assets plus interests after 2-5 years;
- creating joint enterprises, in case of observing mutual interests you can share in owning know-how, technologies, patents;
- any investor can share in profits;
- any investor can buy a share block amounting to 30-35% with an estimated cost of 70-75 thousand US dollars.

If you manufacture radio-electronic products, we can reduce their cost possessing highly skilled personnel and the productive expenditures, given below.

Here are our production expenses for products manufactured under investor’s technologies:
- wages, including taxes - 1000,00 $ a month per a man
- property tax - 2,5%/ year of overall cost
- cost of land - 2200,00 $/ha per year
- cost of electric power - 0,30 $/kwhr
- cost of water - 0,12 $/m3
- cost of heat - 18-20 $/h.cal
- cost of gas - 82,00 $/1000 m3

The company offers its assistance in entering markets of Ukraine, Russia, Belorus, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rumania and other countries.

The management of the OJS "Kation" Co. hopes to establish long-term and mutually beneficial business contacts. We will consider all proposals of cooperation. We hope that cooperation with us will help you to achieve your objectives.

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