Institute Titanium

  • Address:
    180 Soborny ave., c. Zaporizhzhya, 69035, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(061) 289-91-00, 289-91-30
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Titanium Institute was founded in 1956 and is a leading Ukrainian Research Institute and a general designer of non-ferrous plants, semiconductor production plants and carbon-graphite production plants.

The Institute includes:
- a research division;
- a design division;
- a pilot plant.

The Institute has a non-ferrous metals certification body and a center of certification tests and metrology.
The Institute is equipped with modern computers.
The Institute has highly skilled personnel. Number of employees - 500, including personnel with higher education - 400

The Titanium Institute offers licenses for developments in the filed of titanium, magnesium, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals production, commits itself to render the licensees an expert technical assistance in mastering the "know-how" offered, conducting laboratory and pilot studies of various raw materials and technologies.

The Titanium Institute also renders engineering services:
- designs plants, shops and works for the production of non-ferrous metals, supervises the manufacture, erection and adjustment of the equipment, construction with the attraction of co-performers – enterprises and institutions of CIS countries;
- gives consultations and renders technical assistance in the organization of production.

The Titanium Institute has a vast experience of cooperation with foreign partners in Canada, USA, India, P.R.China, Germany, South Africa. Titanium Institute has an expertise in technology transfer and rendering the engineering services to foreign companies. In recent years, the Titanium Institute in cooperation with the Russian, Canadian, German and other companies has implemented several contracts: Magnesium Production Plant in Sdom (Israel) has been constructed on the basis of the Institute's design; construction of titania slag production plant in Chengde (China) and of granulated magnesium production plant in Dashiqiao and Minhe (China) have been completed; detailed engineering has been developed and metallurgical equipment has been manufactured in accordance with it for Canadian and US companies, feasibility studies for magnesium projects in Iceland, Congo and Australia have been made, etc.