BMS Holding

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    7/15 Akhmatovoyi str., c. Kyiv, 02068, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 572-32-32, 572-35-35, 572-75-13
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Manager - Vasyl Fedorak

Company BMS was established in 1991 as a private Ukrainian enterprise. Since 1991 the company developed several successful businesses, including IT systems integration, development of complete information system solutions and common computer's hardware distribution. Based on the results achieved during 1991 - 1995, BMS IT business became focused on two major fields of business operations: distribution via the vast dealer network across entire Ukraine and IT system integration. These two activities are successfully carried out by the company in largest IT projects in Ukraine.

In 1995, as a result of growing sales volume, the company was re-organized into a holding company with three enterprises:
- BMS Trading: distribution
- BMS Consulting: system integration
- BMS Service: IT service.

BMS Trading focuses its activity on distribution of computers, hardware components, media, batteries and various office equipment such as printers, faxes, copiers, etc. BMS Trading is one of the leading distributor and reseller companies in Ukraine. At present, the dealer network of BMS Trading consists of 24 independent companies that represent almost all regions of Ukraine. The net of partners grows and constantly expands.
BMS Trading is an authorized dealer and distributor of products manufactured by such known reputable world manufacturers as Acer, Canon, DTK, EMTEC, Fuji, Maxell, MGE, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Scott, Sony, TDK, Sanyo and others.

BMS Consulting specializes on development of complex IT projects with the use of the equipment and the software of leading world manufacturers, such as HPQ, Sun, Bull, Cabletron, Informix, Oracle, Compaq, Microsoft, Acer, 3Com, APC, Fujitsu and others. BMS Consulting has a comprehensive experience in providing large-scale corporate IT solutions including the design and development of divided computer networks, configuration and service of clusters of RISC-servers, installation and service of modern DBMS and many other IT solutions.

BMS Service provides service support during all the projects through the network of service centres which allowed to reduce the call response time to a minimum regardless of geographical location of the customer. BMS Service also assembles computers and servers under its own trademark. Our OEM suppliers are such worldwide famous companies as Acer and DTK. Due to this personal computers and servers supplied by BMS Service provide high efficiency, reliability and meet the most strict International requirements concerning safety and ergonomics.

BMS Holding defines a number of main directions to achieve further successful development:
- Providing a comprehensive customer support all over Ukraine to satisfy any client requests.
- Providing a wide variety of competetive services to customers

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