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    14 Bratska str., entrance 3, c. Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 235-74-52, 585-56-60
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History of Nemiroff began in the small town of Nemyriv, in Podolia, among the crystal-clear lakes, high hills and golden fields.

The Earl Grigory Stroganoff opened the largest distillery of Podolia in Nemyriv. At that time, the principles of Nemiroff were founded, and they guide us even nowadays: high standards of product quality, attraction of the best specialists and the continuous improvement of technologies.

One of the first Nemiroff factories was nationalized.

Nemiroff, the first in Ukraine joint venture for the production of alcoholic products, was created on the basis of the distillery in Nemyriv. It was better than its ancestor in everything. We continued to use the expertise and traditions of our predecessors, inventing new technologies and products, which are widely available around the world.

- Official establishment of the trademark "Nemiroff".
- The unique recipe of Nemiroff Original was created. It started our history of success and popularity both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.

We launched the "Honey Pepper", our proprietary's product based on the old Ukrainian traditions. It is our pride, it's a drink that became a hallmark not only of Nemiroff, but also of Ukraine.

Nemiroff joined the British "The Millionaires' Club", an authoritative rating of alcoholic products.
History of Nemiroff began in the small town of Nemyriv, in Podolia, among the crystal-clear lakes, high hills and golden fields.

Nemiroff continued its development by creating its own holding structure. It provided us a stable growth in the future.

Nemiroff expanded its coverage by starting product sales in Poland.

- Nemiroff became a world No.3 vodka brand.
- Nemiroff Delikat sales were launched.
- Agreement with the Government of Belarus to begin the bottling of vodka in 2010.
- We started the Lex Ultra sales, one of our most premium vodkas.

Nemiroff entered a new era of development. DF & TR (duty-free trade and travel retail) market always was important for us, because it is a part of our global strategy. According to IWSR, one of the most trusted portals on alcohol, Nemiroff has the 7th position in the DF & TR market among the top 10 leading brands of vodka in the world.

We launched the "Spicy Strawberry", which immediately found its audience among buyers. Also, we reinvented the design and looks of Nemiroff gift sets with selected flavors.

We began active promotion in all partner stores and focused on branding. Also, we presented our vodka in the Middle East. We think that it is our greatest achievement in 2015. We plan to finish this year with about 4% of global sales in DF & TR market.

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