Lagno, Jewelry Firm, Private Company

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    37, Mir St., c. Rubizhne, Lugansk reg., 93010, Ukraine
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    +38(06453) 7-03-75, 7-22-87
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General Director - Valeriy Lagno

"Lagno" Jewelry Firm" private company was established in 1991. The owner is General Director Valeriy Lagno. He is a laureate of honorary title of "Businessman of Ukraine"; of non-governmental international rewards "Golden Mercury" for special contribution to the development of jewelry industry of Ukraine, "Golden Jaguar" for high quality of the products made and for stainless reputation in business; of golden medal "For effective management" awarded by International Academy of Personnel for making a company of a new type; of "MILLENNIUM AWARD 2000" (E.M.R.C. Belgium) for being a company of European scale; of the International Order "LAURELS OF FAME" for professional achievements in the modern society.

"Lagno" Jewelry Firm" private company is a laureate of rewards of E.M.R.C., Brussels, Belgium, in 1999 and 2000 for development of international integration processes, successes in manufacturing, commercial activity, in scientific search, for creation of the company of the European scale. The Firm is a laureate of the "Highest Hallmark" reward within the limits of public action to support the native manufacturers in 1999, Diploma holder of the 5-th National Competition for quality at the regional level in 2000.

The Firm is a member of Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Jewelers' Association of Ukraine.

The main trend of the Firm's activity is jewelry production. The factory is equipped with modern machinery of foreign origin and it has a complete production cycle starting from metal casting to finished products. Advanced technologies are used in manufacturing processes. Our company develops and makes special equipment for its own requirements and it takes up the development of chain-making machines.

The factory supplies the clients with a wide range of jewelry of gold and silver (480 styles of chains, over 450 styles of bracelets, crosses, rings, ear-rings) and it works out jewelry manufacture of platinum and white gold as well as household products of precious metals. Our Firm's products have a good demand both in Ukraine and abroad.

Our company takes orders for making individual products as well as jewelry from the customer's raw materials, and it manufactures wire of various diameters, plates and other technical products of precious metals. It makes picking, primary and secondary treatment of scrap and wastes of precious metals as well as scrap containing precious metals.

"Lagno" Jewelry Firm" private company has their own accredited by UkrCSM laboratory for making assay and chemical analyses for the contents of precious metals and additives in jewelry, household and other products containing precious metals. Certificate of the Laboratory registration: No.ПТ-0189/01 of 27.07.2001.

The Firm guarantees high quality of products and moderate prices.

"Lagno" Jewelry Firm" private company is a regular participant in many International Fairs and specialized Exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. The Firm has its companies in the USA (LAGNO USA, INC.) and in Czech Republic (Lagno s.r.o.).

The other spheres of our company's activity are trade, finances, construction, etc. "Lagno" Jewelry Firm" private company is one of the founders and share-holders of Joint-Stock Commercial Industrial-Investment Bank of Ukraine.

The Firm has business relations with numerous partners in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Russia as well as in the USA, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, etc.

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