Khmelnytsky Regional Branch of the All-Ukrainian Association of Private Entrepreneurs and Owners

  • Address:
    apt. 130, 2 Nezalezhnosty square, c. Khmelnytsky, 29000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0382) 76-50-13
President - Leontiy Petrovsky

Registration Date: 1995
Status: oblast

- Create the conditions favorable for protection of economic, creative, educational, social and other common interests of the Association members.
Concentrate their efforts on further development and deepening of market relations, which foster economic development in Khmelnytsky region;
- Assist and participate in the development and implementation of the entrepreneurship legislative base, necessary for the development of the civilized market relations and creation of the conditions favorable for entrepreneurship development in Khmelnytsky region;
- Protect interests of the Association members in state and public authorities;
- Provide members of the Association with consultations on economic and legal issues, related to entrepreneurial activity;
- Provide members of the Regional Branch with legal, scientific-technical, methodical and other types of information;
- Conduct seminars, conferences, symposia, forums, exhibitions, etc.;
- Foster the improvement of professional level of Association members;
- Conduct necessary economic and other commercial activity by creating self-supporting economic institutions and establishments with the status of legal entities.
Small Business Development Center has been functioning since 1995 under Regional Branch. It is involved in seeking investors, organizing study tours abroad, developing business-plans, conducting restructuring of large enterprises.

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