Modus Co Ltd, Production and Commercial Firm

  • Address:
    83 Kanatna str., c. Odesa, 65012, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0482) 63-82-76
Director - Stepan P. Volochay

Having made an investment of USD 5 million, the company has its own woodworking operations in Russia.

During 1995 - 1998 the company made an investment to Russia thus creating its timber processing subsidiary in the town of Klintsy (Bryansk Oblast, Russia. The company performed installation and adjustment of timber equipment capable of producing 5,000 cubic meters of timber per month working on a one-shift basis.

In addition, the company has a timber processing facility in the town of Krestsy (Novgorod Oblast, Russia) intended to produce 5,000 cubic meters of timber per month as well. Having performed 70% of installation work the company has now suspended the operation due to the lack of funds. This equipment includes special equipment for producing furniture boards in the amount of 500 cubic meters per month, for which a business plan is developed. After the equipment is installed, the company will organize furniture production in Odesa, Kyiv or other regions of Ukraine.

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