Kharkiv VodokanalProekt, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    42 а Tobolska str., c. Kharkiv, 61072, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 340-83-39, 340-86-37, 719-47-08
Chairman of the Board - Yuriy O. Chmelyov

Our Company, having over 70 years- experience in designing, participation in construction and launching facilities for water supply, drainage and sewage treatment, as well as in industrial hydraulic engineering facilities for residential areas and various production enterprises (oil production and refining, metal production, machine-building, chemistry and food industry), is ready to offer up-to-date and highly professional approach to solution of all your water problems.
Kharkiv VodoCanalProject designed numerous water supply and sewerage facilities which are erected and successfully operated, providing water supply and treatment in many cities and towns of countries of the former Soviet Union, in Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam, Romania and others.
Our company, with its high scientific and technologic potential and respect for traditions, having business contacts with equipment manufacturers in numerous countries, can solve any problems within the scope of our business activity, including turnkey construction of facilities.
Solve your problems with our help - this will mean the shortest way, minimum time for design and construction and high economy.
We hope our cooperation in solving your problems of water supply and treatment will be equally useful and profitable both for you and our Company.
Business of the Kharkiv VodoCanalProject Company is: development of designs, supply of the required equipment, construction, contract supervision and author's supervision with turnkey commissioning of water supply and sewerage facilities for towns and other residential areas and for production enterprises of all industries (including those processing agricultural products), as well as of industrial hydraulic engineering facilities.
We use the latest energy-saving technologies and equipment in our work.
Development and implementation of the designs is done in cooperation with the leading R&D, construction and erection enterprises of Ukraine and Russia and equipment manufacturers of Russia, other CIS countries and leading world manufacturers of the equipment.
Kharkiv VodoCanalProject is a member of the Ozone-Ural Association.
For 70 years of its business activity the Company gained an ample experience in development of water supply, sewerage and hydraulic engineering systems and facilities, which are implemented in Ukraine, Russia, other countries of the former Soviet Union, in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Romania, etc.; our experience is a guarantee of high quality, reliability and economy.
— waterworks facilities - surface and underground water intake;
— water treatment facilities for water conditioning:
— drinking and domestic water supply;
— production process water for various industries;
— edge flooding of oil-bearing layers.
Various advanced technologies and equipment may be used for purification of initial water - ozonation, sorption, ultrasonic filtration, etc.
Water treatment facilities may incorporate, if required, filter washings reuse facilities, as well as facilities for mechanical dewatering of sludge in filter presses, centrifuges or decanters using highly effective flocculants.
— pumping stations:
— first elevation stations, using vane, centrifugal or axial-flow pumps - both horizontal, and vertical;
— transfer stations to pump water to any distance or any height;
— pumping stations for feeding water directly to the water-supply network of a town or enterprise with irregular water consumption;
— booster stations to pump water at edge flooding of oil-bearing layers.
• storage facilities - basins, clarification tanks, filters, flotators, water towers, etc.
• water conduits and supply networks mounted of plastic, steel, iron or reinforced concrete pipes of various diameters.
The Company may provide inside and outside corrosion protection and, if required, electrochemical corrosion protection for the water conduits.
Water conduit facilities are provided with energy-saving air inlet and air discharge equipment, control and stop valves as well as flowmeters.
• circulating water supply facilities for production enterprises - different kinds of water cooling towers, water treatment, stabilization and disinfection facilities, pumping equipment;
• water conditioning systems for swimming pools, including those using ozonation.

• complex facilities for biological and chemical purification of domestic sewage and industrial sewage water, similar to it;
• treatment plants for industrial sewage water:
— oily wastes;
— electroplating sewage;
— wastes of production lines using different dyes;
— wastes containing cooling lubricants;
— urban and industrial runoff and storm runoff;
— sludge treatment, disposal and utilization.
The following treatment methods and techniques are used, depending on the type of industrial sewage contaminants:
• biochemical
• physicochemical
• electrochemical
• sorption;

• industrial elevated hydraulic engineering structures - waste affluent and sludge retention basins, tailings tanks, water storage reservoirs;
• hydrotransport and clarified water return systems;
• storage polygons for solid domestic and industrial wastes;
• conservation and recultivation of sludged waste basins, uncontrolled garbage tips with respect to the effective environment protection regulations;
• development of standard and regulatory methodology for inspection and certification of hydraulic engineering facilities;
All objects are developed at the up-to-date standards level, using advanced technologies and designs.
The Company created a unique data bank on hydraulic engineering which arise in defining ways for improvement of the environment protection features of the elevated hydraulic engineering structures being operated now.

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