UkrKranEnergo, Scientific & Research, Technological & Design Institute LLC

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    276 Klochkivskay str., c. Kharkiv, 61051, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 337-97-00, 337-97-76
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Director - G. Mikulin

''UKRKRANENERGO'' Scientific & Research, Technological & Design Institute, JSC, is the interbranch organization of Ukraine on hoisting-and-conveying machinery and equipment (special hoisting equipment, gantry-, overhead travelling- and special cranes, hoists and crane accessories), as well as a specialized organization for development of mounting-, repair- and operation procedures for equipment of atomic power stations (APS), thermal power stations (TPS) and enterprises of other branches of industry.

''KRAN'' Special Designing Bureau being an integral part of ''UKRKRANENERGO'' carries out:
- development of design documentatiom for hoisting machines and equipment and special reloading machines of different capacity with organization of their manufacture, technical support and commissioning;
- study of steel structures and electrical equipment of all the types of cranes with the expired service life or damages, to make the conclusion on possibility of their further operation; development of the appropriate repair documentation;
- examination and estimation of hoisting machinery- and equipment designs, mechanization means and mounting/dismounting operations.

We offer to our Customers:
- gantry cranes and overhead traveling cranes with load capacity to 400 t;
- electric and hand hoists with load capacity 0.5-10 t;
- tower cranes, including special mounting cranes with load capacity 200-250 t and heavy-duty cranes for concrete placement with load capacity 25-32 t;
- scraper-cranes with capacity 200-600 t/h for service in bulk-cargo storehouses;
- clamshell and conveyer-type reloaders for ports with capacity 400-1200 t/h (grain, fertilizers and the like);
- container's cranes with load capacity to 40 t;
- reconstruction and updating of cranes of all manufacturers;
- analysis of Customer's demands and choice of the optimum hoisting machinery;
- development of automatic systems for accurate guidance and positioning of load-handling fixtures.

Our specialists of technological line have many-year experience in development of technological procedures and organizing performance of mounting, dismounting and repair of equipment of APS and TPS power units with single-unit capacity to 1000 MW, including:
- development of technological procedures and organizing performance of mounting and dis-mounting operations on turbine-generator sets and boiler units with capacity to 2650 tonnes of steam per hour, electric precipitators, air heaters, hoisting units, metal smoke stacks, exhaust-blower fans and other heat-engineering equipment;
- development of technological documentation for repair of heat-engineering equipment of thermal power stations and atomic power stations, as well as general-purpose equipment;
- development of technological documentation for manufacture and mounting of equipment of radioactive-wastes storages.

''UKRKRANENERGO'' Scientific & Research, Technological & Design Institute, JSC, possesses a powerful scientific and technical potential. We are able to perform any complex of scientific and technical work, from development to realization in metal.

During 70 years of Institute's work, our developments were adopted not only in Ukraine and CIS countries, but also in Argentina, Germany, Egypt, India, Iran, China, Mexico, Iraq, Algeria and other countries.

Approach us, we determine your demands and the results will be beyond your best expectation. Our developments provide for simplicity of design, reliability and durability in service.

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