Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine

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    83, Pushkinska str., c. Kharkiv, 61023, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 704-10-90, 707-20-44, 707-20-53, 707-20-54, 719-44-61
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Director - Boris T. Stegniy, Doctor of Veterinary Science, professor, Corresponding Member of Ukrainian Academy of Science.

The Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine - is the first specialized research institution in Ukraine. It was founded in 1922 for solution of urgent scientific and practical questions of veterinary supplying for cattle breeding of our country.

A number of effective preventives and remedies for many infectious and noncontagious diseases were worked up in the institute. Besides a lot of fundamental questions of modern veterinary medicine were solved here.

Nowadays more than thousand developments, recommendations, instructions, standards, TYs and other documentations were implemented in IECVM. About 150 chemical preventives and medicines, vaccines, serums, diagnosticums were worked up and introduced into cattle breeding. The scientists of the institute published more than 8 000 articles about urgent problems of veterinary medicine.

The scientific stuff of the institute was headed by the prominent scientists such as: Dedyulin A. (1922-1924), Agalli M. (1925-1930), academician of ВАСГНІЛ Gladenko I. (1957 -1986), academicians of UAS Busol V. (1986 - 1997) and Fuks P. (1999 - 2001).

There are 129 researchers in the institute, among them 2 academicians and 2 Corresponding Members of UAS, 19 Doctors and 51 candidates of science. More than 40 post-graduate students work over thesis for a Doctor's and candidate's degree.

The main directions of activity:
1. Study the mechanism of development and course of infectious and epizootic processes of the animal diseases (tuberculosis, brucellosis, leucosis, salmonellosis, Gamboro's and Auyeski's diseases, prion infections);
2. Working out modern methods of diagnostics of agricultural animals' diseases and making effective preventive measures (against leucosis, tuberculosis, infectious rhinotracheitis and others);
3. Working out diagnostic molecular-genetic test-systems for pathogenic organisms indication;
4. Treatment and preventive measures against infectious and invasive diseases of the cattle, pigs, sheep, birds, bees, small domestic animals;
5. Working out modern methods of quality control for agricultural products and fodders;
6. Ensuring work of scientific and production centers:
- for study spongelike encephalopathy and other prion infections;
- for study cattle infectious diseases;
- for study small domestic animals diseases;
- for toxicological study and certification of the cattle breeding products;
- for veterinary supplying of poultry keeping;
- for study parasite diseases;
7. Realization of joint research together with scientific centers of Europe and the USA in the context of international cooperation.

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