Energoproekt" Kharkov Scientific Research & Design Institute OJSC

Chairman of the Board - Pavlo Badzym

The Institute has its origin from 1930, when the project department of the "Ukrenergostroy" trust was founded in Kharkov, it was making projects of thermoelectric power stations. It flowed into all Union specialized project trust "Teploenergoproject" in 1932.
In 1951 the trust was transformed into the "Teploenergoproject" Institute.
In following years the Institute repeatedly changed names: "Atomenergoproject", "Energoproject".
It is Kharkov Institute "Energoproject" since May 1996.

Open joint-stock company Kharkov Science-Research and Project-Constructional Institute "Energoproject" offers:
- carrying out functions of a general contractor as for conducting all the works connected with the constructing energy objects.
- the implementation of the Science research technological and constructional works for complete projecting of nuclear and thermoelectric power station and other objects of power engineering, housing and civil construction
- to fulfill author's supervision after the construction, reconstruction, and technical re-equip of the energy objects and author's accompaniment and service of working energy objects as well
- the elaboration of standard documentation, manuals, methods, project examination, that was done by other organizations.

On the specified kinds of works institute has the appropriate licenses.

For the production organization and documents output the Institute has highlyqualified staff, rooms, material and technical basis, science and technical library.
There are 500 members of staff, including 4 Candidates of Technical Science, working in the Institute on 01.01.2000.
The Science-Technical library, the library of the model projects and the technical archives are since 1936. The general fund is more than 1800 thousand storing units.
The institute has all necessary computer engineering technical communicative means, constructor furniture for the modern production of high-quality output that is answering the modern level.

According to the Institute projects there were introduced more than 25 mln KWatt on the thermoelectric power stations (Zmievskaya, Uglegorskaya, Zaporozskaya, Krivorozskaya etc..) 10 KWatt on the Nuclear power stations (South- Ukrainian, Zaporozskaya, Rovenskaya Nuclear Power stations) in Ukraine and there were built energyobjects in Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and other countries.

A lot of dwelling settlement of the power stations, that were built according to the Institute's projects grow into large towns or big settlements (the city of Energodar, Svetlodorskoe, Zelenodolsk, Schaste; the settlement like Noviy Svet).
The South-Ukrainian Nuclear Power Station with energy reactor 1000 MWatt in power, was the first project of the Institute.
The biggest in Ukraine and in former USSR is Zaporozskaya Nuclear Power Station, with 6000 MWatt of Power. The main designer was of it was our Institute.
More than 60% of the Thermoelectric and Nuclear Power Stations were built according to the projects of the Kharkov Institute "Energoproject".

The Institute offers our customers practical services and effective ways of solving the problems in energetic field during 67 years.
The Institute is ready to:
- do the reports on security of working energyblocs of NFS,
- bring NFS to the new normative-technical documents,
- do works for increasing the security system of NFS,
- make projects of depository for exhaust fuel,
- make projects of teaching and training documents,
- do the reconstruction of automatic systems that control technical process /ASCTP/ on the TPS and NFS,
- works on TPSs reconstruction for securing the ecological standards,
- project documentation on constructing new TPS, boiler plant, steam-to-gas installation.

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