DiproZavodTrans, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    29 а Engelsa str., c. Kharkiv, 61012, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 731-40-56, 731-57-81, 731-61-43
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Director - S. Lunev

DIPROZAVODTRANS, OPEN JOINT-STOCK COMPANY was established on the base of State-Owned Institute for Plant Design of the Ministry of Railways of the USSR, is the legal assign of the above mentioned institute founded in 1931, is an affiliate of the Ukrainian Association of State-Owned Railway Enterprises "Ukrzalizprom" of Ministry of Transport of Ukraine, and performs functions of the leading organization for the planning/designing of plants, works, and other industrial enterprises of the railways branch of industry. Over 500 works and separate projects have been constructed, reconstructed, and expanded under the institute's plans/designs.

for new construction, extension, reconstruction, and technical reequipment of:
- Enterprises for repairing diesel and electric locomotives;
- Enterprises for repairing freight and passenger cars, electric trains, refrigerating trains, and track-laying machines;
- Enterprises for production of:
- switch products;
- spare parts;
- electric products;
- reinforced-concrete crossties and rail fastening;
- rail-welding enterprises;
- crosstie impregnating enterprises;
- locomotive and car depots.


- Boiler houses, compressor stations, industrial and storm sewage treatment works, yards of fuels and lubricants, and filling stations;
- Separate shops:
- Diesel engine shops;
- Electric machine shops including impregnation sections;
- Control rooms;
- Bogie shops;
- Wheel shops;
- Foundries;
- Forge shops;
- Other auxiliary projects.

- The customization of standard designs and working out of one-off designs of dwelling houses, stores, and other public buildings.

1. Schemes of the development of the railway transport repair bases for various branches of the national economy.
2. Capital investment appraisals.
3. Business Plans for industrial enterprises development.
4. Programs (schemes) of sanitation of enterprises and the branch as a whole.
5. Non-standardized equipment.

- Precast concrete factories;
- Repair and mechanical works for construction machinery repair;
- Storage facilities;
- Electric train car depots;
- Works of electric carriages repair;
- Combined shops for tunneling machinery repair.

DIPROZAVODTRANS has licenses to perform the work listed in Appendix:

In Ukraine:
Government License for Performance of Special Types of Work in Designing/Planning and Construction, site investigation (soil survey) and providing engineering services (License No. 02059); and

Governmental License for Performance of Construction and Geodetic Surveys (License 93 No. 001706).

Authorizations issued by state (government) supervision bodies for the elaboration, working out, carrying out of:
- Planning/design documentation of gas supply systems;
- Plans/schemes of work using cranes;
- Planning/design documentation of industrial enterprises and other projects with mounting cranes and elevators;
- Planning/design documentation of boiler houses;
- Planning/design documentation of steam and hot water pipelines;
- Planning/design documentation of pressure vessels;
- Planning/design documentation of filling stations and yards of fuels and lubricants;
- Maximum allowable emissions (MAE) [temporally agreed emissions (TAE)] and maximum allowable runoff (MAR) standards; inventory of industrial waste sources and consumption sources at operating enterprises; preparation of recommendations on waste management (temporary storage, rendering harmless, processing, and reclaiming);
- Energy conservation measures;
- Horizontal surveys for the purposes of preparing land use plans; and
- Survey and certification of existing buildings, structures, and utilities and the provision of recommendations on their safe and reliable operation.

In the Russian Federation:
- License for Performance of Planning/Design Work (License FLC RF № 000528-2 issued by the Federal Licensing Center of the Russian Federation); and
- License for Performance of Planning/Design Work for Steel Melting and Casting Facilities and Projects (License OOPR № 013610 issued by the Federal Committee for Mining and Engineering Supervision of the Russian Federation).

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