Orion, Scientific and Research Institute, State Enterprise

  • Address:
    8-A Ezhena Potie str., c. Kyiv, 03057, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 456-52-91, 456-91-64, 456-93-82
Director: S.P. Rakitin

“Orion”, Scientific & Research Institute, State Enterprise is a leading Ukrainian firm with 35-year experience in designing, manufacturing and delivering components, devices and systems operating in the frequency range from 1 up to 300 GHz.

At present “Orion”, Scientific & Research Institute, State Enterprise designs and delivers a wide range of state-of-art
- microwave tubes (TWT, magnetrons, klystrons);microwave solid-state devices (frequency synthesizers, oscillators, amplifiers, multipliers, mixers, attenuators, modulators, phase-shifters); semiconductor devices (Gunn diodes, IMPATT diodes, Schottky diodes, p-i-n diodes).

“Orion”, Scientific & Research Institute, State Enterprise possesses the unique knowledge and ability to produce a wide array of active and passive microwave components and to integrate them into a supercomponent or subsystem configuration over specified frequency range.

Developed devices are intended for using in radar, navigation, instrumentation, TV and communications systems, sensors for various applications and medical equipment as well.

On the basis of these components complex systems including transmitters, transceivers, radio relay stations are developed and produced at SIE "Orion".

Trade partners of Scientific Industrial Enterprise "Orion" are the firms of Russia, Byelorussia, Armenia, Lithuania, USA, South Korea, China.

- Gunn diodes;
- Silicon impatt diodes (pulse);
- Silicon impatt diodes (continuous waves);
- Silicon high-speed switching diodes;
- Silicon beam-lead varicap doides (p+ - n1 – n2 – n+);
- Silicon beam-lead varicap doides (p+ - n- – n+);
- Varicap matrix;
- Low noise high stabilized oscillators;
- Solid-state broadband varactor tuned oscillators;
- Varactor tuned oscillators with linearized tuning characteristic;
- Cavinity-stabilized CW impatt oscillators;
- Impatt frequency multipliers;
- High power pulse semiconductor transmitters;
- Semiconductor single diode frequency stabilized pulse oscillators;
- Solid-state transceiver with pulse-to-pulse frequencies switching;
- Solid-state broadband electron controlled attenuators;
- Solid-state high-speed modulators;
- CW traveling-wave tubes (UAUB series);- CW traveling-wave tubes (UAUBY series);- Metal-ceramic X-Ray tubes;
- Broadband Microwave Transistor amplifiers;
- Amplifier klystrons for broadcasting

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