Pivdennyi Radio Plant, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    5 Zaliznychna str., c. Zhovti Vodyi, Dnipropetrovsk reg., 52201, Ukraine
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    +38(050) 905-62-79, (05652) 3-26-59, 3-37-18
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Chairman of the Board - Larysa Medina

Mechanical & electroplating, assembly & mounting and microprocessor production allow to ensure the fabrication of the different
radio technical products on the base of the one-sided, two-sided and multi-sided printed circuits as well as the UHF units and
Number of employees: 1325 persons
State property share: 52%

General statistics about enterprise:
Sales of the plant on the basic production (services), thousand $ USA per annum: a home market - 1200
Cost of permanent assets of the plant, thousand $ USA: 35119
The authorized fund, thousand $ USA: 10173
Ownership: state
Stage of privatization: a beginning of privatization
Part of a state ownership (%): 52
Year of establishment: 1970
Number of employees: 1461, including factory personnel - 1403, engineering staff - 230, non-productive staff - 58, principals - 192

Information related to the investment project
Project name:
Assimilation of new products types
Total value of the project (USD): 500 000
Investments required (USD): 500 000
Expected time of investment return: 2 years
Type of Investor's participation: creation of Joint Venture by means of attraction of the credits and investment of the credits and property.
Project readiness phase: ready to be put into production

Pivdenny Radio Plant, Open Joint-Stock Company is one of the considerable plants of Ukraine, which special-izes in fabrication of an electronic equipment on the basis of one-side multilayer printed circuit cards and is the leading producer of microassemblies of clusters of blocks for oscillators and boosters, instrumentation of a long-haul radio, reception of transmitting instrumentation in space, and also for electronic stations, on-board equip-ment of artificial satellites of the Earth, computational methods of study and analysis of results of space studies, members and clusters of radar's.

Together with a State joint-stock holding company "Dniprovsky Machine-Building Plant", Pivdenny Radio Plant is the alone producer of unique digital automatic telephone systems of C-32 (EATS-TSA).


At the plant there are following aspects of productions:
- Mechanical and galvanic productions;
- Tool and supplementary production;
- Mounting and assembly production and lease of trial of instrumentation;
- Production of printed circuit cards;
- Microelectronic production.

The know-how's, existing at the plant, allow discharge technically composite and high technology products.

Mounting and assembly production of the plant at fabrication of different radio systems(devices) will uses tech-nologies engine driven of the soldering " by a surge of welding alloy ", engine driven laundering of printed board assemblies at usage of water soluble welding compounds on machinery of an ink-jet type and other.

The set-up and check of an article behind electric arguments is carried out with usage of automated machinery both complexes of test check and diagnostic, specialized bench rigging.

- Production of printed circuit cards of the company is arranged by all aspects of modern rigging, and in apart accountable operations, is high by precision import machinery and produces boards of a high level of quality and reliability: one-side and two-sided printed circuit cards on dielectrics with the minimum sizes 50x50 mm and maximal 400x500 mm, amount of openings up to 5 thousand pieces and minimum ? of plated-through holes of 0,8 mm; by the minimum sizes of conductors and spacing interval between them 0,25 mm, protecting coatings tin - lead, alloy to a Rose, silver, palladium.
- Multilayer printed circuit cards of end-to-end plating with an amount of openings up to 5 thousand pieces those by thickness of boards from 1,4 up to 2,9 mm.
- Microstrip boards on ceramic substrates with resistivity of strata from 50 up to 1000 Ohm, fidelity of re-sistors + 5 %, thickness of switching seams from 0,5 up to 15 microns, minimum width of conductors 100 and gaps 60 microns, protecting coating tin - bismuth, silver.

Mechanical and processing (treating) production specializes on fabrication of composite body parts, parts such as solid of revolutions, which one receive by cold stamping from a sheet material.

Also plant is engaged in fabrication of different commodity of a technological direction and consumer goods.

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