Institute Kharkiv Promtransproect, Private Join Stock Company

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    20а, 23 Serpnya str., c. Kharkiv, 61072, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 340-04-55, 341-21-91, 720-59-66
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Design institute of industrial transportation Kharkiv Promtransproect is the leading institute in Ukraine in designing of external and internal industrial railway and motor transportation; integrated mechanization and automation of cargo-handling and warehousing works. The Institute works in building and construction sector more than 75 years.

The main activities:
- Engineering survey - geodesic, geological, hydrometeorological.
- Integrated design and author's maintenance of the construction of:
- connecting stations of main-line and industrial railway;
- external branch and internal railway lines;
- computerized control systems of train and shunting work;
- motor roads of general network, access and intra-areal roads of the industrial enterprises;
- bridges, overbridges, pedestrian and transport underpasses and antydeformation constructions;
- mechanization of cargo fronts and single operations;
- services and technical buildings, ETs posts, stations and heads for the road maintenance;
- the objects of repair of railway rolling stock from locomotive and railway car depot of different power (capacity) to stations and close centers of rolling stock servicing;
- motor transport enterprises for rolling stock of all types, service stations;
- car garages and parking places;
- production basis for road-building, constructing-and-mounting and operational organizations;
- warehouses of all types and warehouse complexes, equipped with modern devices;
- continuous transport for highways, interplant and intraplant connections;
- industrial and civil buildings and constructions, including residential buildings and cottages;
- filling stations and AGNKS;
- fruit and vegetable stores;
- external and internal areal engineering networks;
- power supply and electro lighting objects and constructions.
- Development of engineering processes for the operation of industrial transport.
- Specialized, engineering, expert and consulting and other works and services (inventorization of areas and realties, land regulating, designing of the fire protection facilities, alarm and warning systems, inspection of the technical condition of buildings and constructions and so forth).

Having large experience in design and using computer technologies, constantly observing and studying new construction and materials, progressive modes of building and mounting works the Institute experts works in the widest spectrum of project products for building (industrial objects and stations of different manufacturing purpose, public buildings and constructions, schools and boarding-schools for children, multilevel garages and service stations, petroleum storage depots and filling stations, residential buildings etc.).

Irreplaceable instrument in successful production management is constantly improving quality system. In 2001 the Institute moved from the complex system of project quality control to the quality management system (QMS) according to the international and national standards ISO 9000:1994 series. And by its 75 anniversary the Institute was the first among the candidates which applied and got the certification of international certification center "BVQI" series ISO 9000:2000 according to the QMS.

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