Potential, Special Design Office of Submersible Electrical Equipment for Drilling Wells and Oil Extraction, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    140/1, Moskovskiy ave., c. Kharkiv, 61037, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 779-81-56, 779-81-63, 779-81-65
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Chairman of the Board - Stanislav V. Isakov

The Open Joint-Stock Company Special Design Office of Submersible Electrical Equipment for Drilling Wells and Oil Production "Potential" (SKTBPE Potential Corporation) was set up in Kharkov in 1963 to develop and commercialize equipment that would meet the requirements of the rapidly growing oil industry in the Western Siberia, the Volga Region and Ukraine.

SKTBPE " Potential" Corporation established its reputation as the initiator of the development of new scientific and technological designs uniting efforts of experts in the manufacture of high-power submersible electric machines, line electric motors, fine mechanics and electronics. The Plant "Potential" personnel cooperates with a design bureau and manufactures all types of developed equipment.

The equipment comprises:
- electrodrills with their control systems fitted with oil-filled reducing gears, deviating mechanisms, current collectors, insulation testing devices;
- spindle-reduction gears for turbodrills;
- ralit mechanical seals for dividing various mediums;
- telemetering systems for electrodrilling;
- telemetering systems for turbodrilling with cable communication lines including small-size ones (diameter 108 mm) for restoring old stock of wells;
- geophysical probes;
- submersible electric motors (n3,Q,, n3,3,B) for oil and fresh water extraction and control systems for them;
- radial and thrust bearings for submersible electric motors;
- non-explosion electromechanical sources of seismic waves;
- pulsed-wave devices for liquidation of tubing stuck-ups;
- cut-out devices for casing strings.

SKTBPE Potential Corporation developed equipment for:
- drilling deep oil and gas complex profile wells including horizontal holes;
- drilling pilot holes for laying pipelines and other engineering lines under water and others;
- drilling wells in civil engineering as for building foundations under piers of complexity class and in underground railway structures;
- drilling wells in coal industry aimed at underground gasification of coals and gassing of reservoirs, mine shafts and ventilation wells rated diameter 2.5 m c more;
- drilling wells for water;
- oil and fresh water extraction;
- prospecting for mineral resources;
- exploration of geological sections at shallow and medium depths, etc.

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