Izyum Optical Instruments and Devices Plant - Holding, State-Owned Enterprise

  • Address:
    1 Proletarska str., c. Izyum, Kharkiv reg., 64300, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05743) 2-10-30, 2-30-32, 3-15-61
Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are pleased to present to your attention the State-Owned Enterprise "Izyum Optical Instruments and Devices Plant – Holding" that is the only Ukrainian enterprise manufacturing ophthalmic optics. For already 40 years, the plant is the leading enterprise for production of high-quality ophthalmic optics.
The main direction of the company's activity is manufacture of medical production: ophthalmic lenses (stigmatic, astigmatic, bifocal, photochromic), contact lenses, plastic and metal spectacles frames (for men, women and children), sunglasses, spectacles for people with poor eyesight, sets of test ophthalmic lenses and prisms NS – 1, and magnifying glasses.
In 1998, the plant underwent restructuring which resulted in establishing the State-Owned Enterprise "Izyum Optical Instruments and Devices Plant – Holding".
The capacities of the plant allow to produce up to 10 million lenses and 2 million frames annually. The basis for successful operation is ensured by well-coordinated work of the staff together with high productivity and quality of products.
Work is under way to increase the range of lenses manufactured by the plant. A novelty in our production is manufacture of photochromic and bifocal lenses from billets of the French firm "Corning", as well as anti-headlight lenses with graded transition and anti-reflection coating.
The high quality requirements, use of the best materials and the processing equipment manufactured by the well-known companies "Rodenshtoc", "Fest Alpine", "SWV" are prerequisites accounting for the highest standards of our products.
The products are shipped from the plant warehouse in Izyum to all the regions of Ukraine and the CIS in the shortest possible time.
The company is interested in the export of its products. The goods have both Ukrainian and Russian certificates.
Our strength is full guarantee covering the price, quality, delivery and servicing.

K.A. Malik,
Director of the "Izyum Optical Instruments and Devices Plant – Holding"

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