Santa-Ukraine, Private Join Stock Company

  • Address:
    108 Chernetskogo str., c. Pervomaysk, Mykolaiv reg., 55211, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05161) 4-27-60, 4-27-80
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Director - Yevhen Dyrdin

Company Background
Santa Ukraine was established in 1945 by 20 workers who were running their own machines. Current location and after 1995 the factory was privatised. The workers own the factory and it operates as a joint Stock company.

Manufacturing Operations:

Type of Products:
Shirts, Blouses, Trousers, Shorts, Skirts, Light jackets

Size scale:
10 % Children, 20 % Ladies, 70 % Mens

Main Fabrics Used:
All kind of light weight wovens 100 % cotton and its blends

Capital Mercury, C&A, Woolworth, Quelle, Levi's

The company's production basis includes: 5 buildings
Total production area 8,784 sqm
3,700 sq m storage facilities
Production Capacity 90,000 pcs/month
Production Lead Times 4 months
Minimum 1700 pcs yarn dyed per colourway
Number of Employees 1,109 people
Working Hours 07.30 - 16.30 One Shift
25 minutes lunch break
2 tea breaks each 10 minutes
5 days a week

Location Pervomaysk, 320 kms from Kyiv ( 4 1/2 hours drive)

Code of Conduct The country’s legal minimum age is 18 and no employees under 18 in the factory.Overtimes are paid + 100 %, Holidays + 100 % Fire exits and sufficient number of extinguishers,hosesAvailable, local authorities make regular checks. Full time nurse available, doctor visiting regularly.

Training : Training is made on the job


Markers: Markers are made manually
Laying: The following equipment is available in the cutting room :
2 die cuts for collar
Twelve 8 X 2.00 meters cutting and marking tables
Twelve band knives
Sixteen straight knives
Spreading is from rolls manually made
End cutters at each table
Cutting: Cutting is done manually, lays are cut in to blocks
Blocks are cut to correct measurements at band knives
Sampling: Proto, sizing and pp samples are made in the sample room.
Separation of Fabric: Every fabric roll is 100% inspected for defects.

Defects are marked and reports are kept.

Batch lots are cut separately.

Cut pieces are plymarked and numbered.
Inspection: All panels are 100 % checked before plymarking.
Embriodery: No embroidery facilities in the factory


Machinery: Following machines are available :
330 pcs single needle machines
57 pcs overlock machines all 5 thread
8 Bartack machines
2 automatic pocket machines
51 pcs button hole machine
49 pcs button sew ( chain and lock stitch)
30 pcs vacuum tables and steam irons
5 pcs fusing press
6 folding machines

Samples: Samples are made in the sample room and checked by the pattern cutter. All sewing instructions and approved samples are dispatched from this department. Each shop has an approved countersample for reference

Sewing Shops: There are total 7 separate sewing shops in the factory Each section has preparation lines and assembly line together with the finishing section.

Quality Control: Each sewing shop has a chief of shop and quality controllers. One QC for in line, 2 at the end of line before pressing, and 2 more after pressing for another 100%
Machinists: All machinists are skilled, average age is ca.30
Broken Needle Procedure: No current broken needle procedure.
All new needles are kept locked by the chief of shop.
They are only issued when the broken needle is presented.


Pressing: There are total of 30 vacuum tables and steam irons in the packing areas of the work shops.
Process: The goods are trimmed in the line. They are 100 % checked at the end of the line. After pressing the goods are 100 % inspected once more. Than they are either flat packed or hanged on hangers and sent to dispatch area. The factory has a space for 60,000 pcs hanging garments.
Repairs: All repairs are done in the line.

Mechanics: There are a total of 60 people in mechanic department for steam, electricity and machinery.Factory has two generators, which can run whole factory

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